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    Default Flaxseed oil

    Recently I went to the naturopath and she put me on flaxseed oil to try and regulate my hormones.

    I have looked on the internet and most websites say don't use flaxseed oil if you are pregnant as it may cause menstruation and abortion!

    Has anyone else heard this??

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    I haven't heard that it causes menstruation or miscarriage. It was recommended to me once as a substitute for Evening Primrose Oil.

    Why does she think your hormones need regulating? Has she made this recommendation based on the results of tests you have had done, confirming a hormone imbalance?

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    deedeeze Guest


    Hi Melbo

    She did some kinesology on me and said that my progesterone was too low and oestrogren too high. I sort of all ready knew about this as my LP was only 8-9 days to begin with.

    I am on vitex which the last cycle brought my O day back to CD16 and LP to 11 days.

    I've stopped taking the flaxseed as I am not 100% comfortable with it. I am waiting her call to see what she says.

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    Hi guys,
    I don't know about the flaxseed, but my naturopath has just put me on to maca powder. (I have pco's) Apparently it's good for men & women and helps with fertility and libido. There's more info on the net about it. My Mum uses it for her menopause and she loves it. (I was too scared to ask how her libido was!) My naturopath recomended 'Royal' Maca, but I could only find one called Maca 'Power'. I take it in capsule form, but you can get it in powder form. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Deedeeze, I'd love to know what the naturopath says when you get hold of her. I'm on a pretty hefty dose of fish oil, which is similar...


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    deedeeze Guest


    Still waiting for a reponse from my naturopath BW!!

    I think that Fish oil is OK as it has different compounds in it. The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil aren't identical to what you get from fish oil. Flaxseed oil contains alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), while fish oil contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

    The websites I have read say that flaxseed oil is bad for pregnant women but fish oil should be OK as it is in all of the pregnancy tablets (Blackmores, Cenovis).

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    deedeeze Guest


    So I finally spoke to the naturopath and she said that she doesn't think its a problem.

    I think she is saying this as she is 17 weeks pregnant and currently taking 6 tablets a day. I'm only taking 2. I asked her if she got diarherre (sp) and she said no (mind you she is pregnant so with all of that progesterone she is more likely to be constipated).

    Her reasoning for continuing on it was that she did muscle testing on me and my "body wants it". OK I am a scientist and I know that if I find research out there that says it is potentially bad that I will believe the studies over my "body"!!!

    I went to her for regulation of my periods (LP defect) and this is not a treatment for that!

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    Deedeeze, that's awful!

    I too went to a naturopath and found it to be particularly unhelpful. More because I always felt that she was more interested in trying to sell me something than in helping me out.

    I think it's important to have faith in the people who are treating you. I lost faith in the naturopath I saw and switched to a person who specialises in acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine. It's more expensive, but I feel that this person is genuinely interested in how I'm going and isn't trying to sell me something! In fact, since going there I've reduced the amount of stuff I take and she's in no hurry to put me on herbs or anything else!


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    That's great to hear BW. I was thinking that I may look into acupuncture too. Just see how this cycle goes.

    Very frustrating that her reason for me being on these things is that my body wants it.

    Does that mean if my body wants cocaine I should take it???!!!

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    I think it's an appalling explanation!

    I know exactly why I take each and every one of my medications and supplements - any time someone suggests something new, I always question why, and what the new thing will do to me.

    Good luck with the acupuncture if you do decide to give it a go!


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