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Thread: had a pelvic ultrasound and vaginal.

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    Default had a pelvic ultrasound and vaginal.

    just have a question........

    went to have pelvic ultra sound done this morning,because my Gp has told me she wont refer me till DP was tested and i had, had an ultrasound. I ended up having a vaginal and pelvic done (had a vaginal one 3 times when pregnant with DS as he was so big for me he was 9 pounds and im tiny)
    Anyway i opened the results and had a look, i cant get into my Gp till Tuesday, the girl said if there was anything to worry about My Gp would call asap. But on the sheet it says POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN MORPHOLOGY, he said i had a few cysts but that is normal for me. I have a 2 goes of laser surgury, i know it is harmless and he didnt seem to fazed but it still frightens the crap out of me. he aslo asked if i had noticed putting on any weight and over the past 6 months i have put on a little but i needed to............i worry over everything. what do you guys think anyone had the same? On the sheet it says down the bottom NO ABNORMALITIES. I am hoping after thie scan i can get refered to go to and OB to maybe start clomid or something. any advice would be appreciated i have to hang out till GP visit tuesday. Im 4DPO aswell and he couldnt see if i was pregnant but god did i have trouble drinking all that water i had to go to the toilet 2 times during the scan.

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    tommygirl, have you been charting? Do you O on your own? Are your cycles regular? Sorry for the 20 questions, but if we could have a look at your chart, or you could tell us about your cycles that might help us see if any of us have had something similar, IYKWIM.

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    thanks sporty,

    i chart myself at home.
    Mar/April was a 34 day cycle and i O'ed on CD 20. Got a +opk. and had EWCM
    April/May was a 32 day cycle and i O'ed on CD 19. Got a +opk and had EWCM
    May/June is my current cycle and because i got BFP's on CD 19 and 20 last 2 i BD on the 17,18,19, this cycle ( i was cramping big time on CD17 and 18, i didnt chart or use OPK'S as it was stressing me a bit and consuming me to much so i thought i would have a break. AF usually goes for 5 days. the last 2 cycles have become regular as the 3 months before i was having 55-60 day cycles so i assume im getting back into a routine. When i Ovulate i do get sharp craming pains for 2 days off and on. so thats about it. sorry for going on just wanted some advice....going to GP tuesday.

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    I was told also I had PCOS after internal ultrasound but not cysts. But all the symptoms. Usually the next steps they will do is give you blood tests to see if you ovulate regularly on your own...if you already do and you have regular cycles your OB or GP may suggest a blood test of your insulin levels to find out if you have a problem in this area, if your insulin is high like mine they will put you on Metformin to help with your insulin and ask you to eat a LOW GI diet, this increases your changes of falling pregnant by fixing your insulin and progesterone to obtain a sustainable pregnancy. The OB may opt for you to take Clomid first like he did with me, and I fell pregnant first round, however due to insulin issues I couldnt sustain a long term pregnancy as my progesterone was not good enough due to PCOS. Goodluck I hope you go well. Please try everything first before opting for surgery..


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    thank you so much. i had a blood test about 2 months ago and everything was normal. so will see what GP says Tuesday. this is all new tome. I have a 6 year old son from my first marriage and i had him when i was 22. I went off the pill after getting married and fell 8 weeks later i had not one complication.......thank god and he was a 9 pound baby which is huge for me as i am only 58kg. so i had to have a c section after 15 hours of labiur and him crowning but his shoulders would fit.......ouch!!!!! so all this is very new to me and it does upset me as we would like to get married next year and cant set a date as i have no idea when i will be pregnant. this is out 7th month trying (i think) I know my DP would love a child of his own so i really am getting worried and frustrated. my mum took 8 years to have me. i thought it would be a breeze 2nd time around. thank you. and good luck to you.

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    Hey Tommygirl,
    Have you googled POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN MORPHOLOGY? It could give you some more information.

    That's what I do all the time.


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