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Thread: HCG Levels 2 Low?

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    Question HCG Levels 2 Low?

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if a HCG level of 60 at 14dpo is it too low ? I Had a blastie transfer is 12 days ago Having blood test tomorrow but Im stressing that my numbers wont double.

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    That is pretty low, but I'm afraid you will just have to wait and see until you get your next lot of results - best of luck.

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    levels are at 208 today so Im feeling a bit more positive for only being 17dpo

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    Hi Collo,

    I'm a "graduate" from the AC 2ww thread as well! hehe

    I just wanted to pop in and say that my levels so far have been...

    14dpo: 45
    18dpo: 150
    24dpo: 900
    31dpo: 4500

    My clinic was always saying the levels were lower than they wanted, but I am 9 weeks in, and so far no problems at all. In fact when I had my early ultrasound (at 7 weeks), I mentioned that I had low HCG and the sonographer said you wouldn't know from this! Had a nice strong heartbeat of 136 too.

    One possible reason for the lower levels is that implantation has happened a day or two later than they expected. While they can control when the egg is transferred or fertilised, no one really knows when it implants.

    I know first hand what it is like to be in that no mans land where you don't have a BFN, but they're not prepared to award you a BFP yet. I just tried to hang on to all the stories I'd read about ladies that registered really low HCG and went on to have healthy and happy pregnancies.

    It seems like your levels are going up a lot so that's great news!!

    Hope this helps


    PS please feel free to PM me if you need!
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