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Thread: Help!!! cm question (TMI)

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    Red face Help!!! cm question (TMI)

    Ok, well after ttc for 15 months i think i know a fair bit about what's happening.

    Im also charting and have been for 6 months. This is my first cycle of clomid to help shorten my longer cycles.

    Anyway i usualy check my cm when i go to the loo, *warning tmi NOW* when i wiped, something half came out onto the paper and the rest was still in me, i grabed it with my fingers and gently pulled it out. It looked like that clear sticky stuff they use to add things on the front of magazines - except it wasnt tough it was soft but it kept it's shape when i streched it.

    What is it?!?! Is it ewcm? I dont usually get it, only watery but i thought i has some 2 cycles ago but it was definatley not like this.

    it did look like egg whites but it was thicker and stronger, and it stretched a real lot but went back to it's original shape.

    I feel a bit embarrased asking but is it ewcm? or something else?

    Oh and i'm only on cd12.

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    Yes that's EWCM. You are obviously like me and don't get it very often. The last two times I've seen it I have conceived so I hope it works that way for you too. I hope you DTD cos as soon as you see that if you are anything like me you need to get in quick as it might be the only glob of EWCM you get that cycle. I O anywhere from CD12 to CD16 (think it was CD12 for this pregnancy, not sure, have a look at my chart if interested). Good luck.

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