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Thread: How early did you get M/S?

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    I remember reading about some food on BB and feeling ill - could be a good sign! I started feeling queasy about 6-7w I think - before I knew I was pg anyway, so for you girls who test earlier than 8 weeks then pre-testing nausea would seem like a good thing.

    Just wish I knew when I first noticed it. I know it was before I found out, but I don't think it was before 6w.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Maybe have a look back over your posts in preconception chatter, Ryn? It may give you an idea of when you started feeling icky?

    Sorry for making you feel ill, Kerrie... hehehe. I know... spag bol for breaky is bad. But I think I got up late in the morning so it was more like lunch?? Who am I kidding... I'm a pig!! LOL

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    Fire Fly Guest


    The only reason i knew with both Preg's was the no show of af. As ive only just had one i dont know what my cycles are so id be guessing as to when they will return, maybe next friday.
    I had m/s with DS at 5 weeks and i new already i was pg. I never vomitted actually just felt car sick all the time, which in my opinion is worse than heaving. Id rather vomit and get it all done kwim.

    Lol, no worries about the heaving Deb, just dont tell me you ate it cold please other wise ill be hugging the bowl.

    Whats going on with you Princess, have you given in and tested?

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    well I always know when I am pg because of the m/s, it starts straight away even before af is due and usually goes the right way through, good luck sarah my fingers are crossed for you

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    Fire Fly Guest


    Gee 7DPO, thats early hey. I felt like this last month though and thought for sure i was pg but turned out it was just af. I was driving FionaJill crazy with all my syptoms, Lol. Im assuming its just af getting ready to come again. Hmmm now if only i knew when that is.....

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    Bellgirl Guest


    Hello. mine started about week 4 too, although it turned out when I had an ultrasound later that it would really have been about week 5. That was before I knew I was pregnant, and thought it was bad PMT. I also had bad period-type cramps and started feeling tired then too.

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