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Thread: How long after c-section did you start TTC?

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    Question How long after c-section did you start TTC?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this site, but have read some posts and you all seem lovely!!!

    First of all, my best wishes to everyone TTC!

    I was wondering if anyone has conceived shortly after having a c-section, or started TTC? My partner and I were blessed with a bouncing baby boy 18 weeks ago. Due to the fact that my body didn't like being induced (our boy, Leo, was 10 days late) I had an emergency c-section. I'm very lucky to have recovered very well and feel great! My partner and I would love to start trying for number 2 asap! My OB and GP say I'm healed and we'd be fine to fall pregnant from now (as opposed to the usual 1 year reccomendation), but I'm wondering if anyone has had a bub shortly after a CS? Like I said, I feel great and totally ready for another pregnancy and my scar has healed perfectly. I'd just like to hear from some other women in the same boat

    We are going to start trying when Leo hits the 5 month mark.

    Take care all!

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    we haven't been lucky to fall yet but we started in Nov 06 my son was born the same day as yours but it 2006

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