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Thread: HUsband/Partner uninterested in TTC?

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    Girls, i can relate to all of that too ! DH does want to TTC but i think he feels, if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen, life goes on. It's harder for me when i've always picutred myself as a mum. Apparently I used to walk around in my undies when i was 3, with a doll tucked into my undies, saying "i'm going to have a BABY!!"... so this TTC process is much more "involved" for me and I'm trying not to relay as much info to DH as I originally did. Trying to make it look a bit more spontaneous for BDing rather than saying "I'm O'ing tomorrow" like I used to say !!

    I must admit when it comes to BB i'm a bit sneaky. DH isn't thrilled with me being online on BB, although he tolerates it, but now I just log on when he's away. He works fly in/fly out so when he's home i'm definately not on as much! (i guess have more to do then anyway, otherwise a bit bored on my own!)

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    Wow, I'm so glad I posted this and realised I'm not the only one! I guess I will just never understand men - they can go crazy with excitement when their footy team wins, but their eyes glaze over at the thought of creating a whole new human

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