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Thread: i want a baby!!

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    Default i want a baby!!

    hi everyone, i'm 23 and have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. We both have great jobs and own our home together and lately all i can think about is having a baby!! Its this strange feeling that I cant get rid of and it's all I can think about! I love my partner to bits and cant wait to be a mum, but I worry about being too young. What age do you think is good for bub number one?

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    It sounds like you are both ready and set up.... If you are financially and emotionally ready and have a loving supportive relationship with your partner and you have a secure home for your child, then why not? It's a huge responsibility however if you have looked into it and discussed it with each other and are ready then go for it! I wish you all the very best

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    Hi Janinek

    Welcome to belly belly. I don't think there is a right age to have a baby. I think it is just when you think you are ready. I personally don't think you are too young. Good luck with what you decide.

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    Thanks Renstar & JoJoB1,
    It's just such a huge thing deciding on when is the right time!! I started my business when I was 19 and over and over I got "oh but you're so young to start a business" from everyone, and it used to drive me nuts, so now it makes me think it will be the same when we have a baby! Anyway i do agree, it's when you feel ready. thanks for your advice

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    I'm 21, we used a fertiltiy clinic and got "you're so young to want to have a baby..." but they do respect that its whenever you're ready, not when people are ready to accept you being a young (or older) mum. There isn't any one age. For some people they aren't ready until 30, or 40 even... some are ready at 20.
    But it sounds like you anyway. Just wanted to add there is a young mums board you can chat in if you have any questions and stuff.

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    There will always be people that criticize what you do... it's usually out of their own insecurities or jealousy. Please do what makes you happy and GO FOR IT!! you sound ready.

    I too, was a business owner from the age of 24 and lots of ppl thought "wow but you are so young!"!!

    Don't listen to others, you do what is right for you and your DP That is what makes you happy! GL I hope your TTC (trying to conceive) journey is a very short one! Come and join us girls in the TTC 1-6mths thread if you like....

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