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    Carys Guest

    Default Implantation?

    I need some advice to help me stop stressing out... I had an early m/c last cycle at 4w3d, anyway I ovulated two weeks to the day after this and I am currently now on 12dpo. At 8dpo I did a hpt due to the fact that I was feeling nausea, hearburn, cramping and it showed feint positive. Due to what happened last month I didnt want to get too excited so did another test yesterday at 11dpo and got another second line, this one darker than the first test. Now my problem is that yesterday I had spotting, light pink, once abit darker than light pink.. it was gone by last night, cramping stopped also, then this morning 12dpo its here again, light pink, abit of darker and still mild cramping. Am I right to be stressed that this one wont hold on, or could I be having implantation bleeding?

    I should probably add that my temp is still up around 36.9-37.0 and cervix is high (dont know if that means anything)..


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    Carys, I can't really offer any real advise other then its a good chance to have been implantation bleeding.
    But sending your lots of :bluestick: inkstick:

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    Hi Carys, I had some pink spotting with this pg early on, I asked my OB and he said it can be quite normal to get some spotting and cramping around when AF is nrmally due.

    I have everything crossed that everything is ok. Sending you truckloads of inkstick: :bluestick:

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    Hey Carys

    My gp also told me that spotting around the time af is due is normal to and so are mild af cramps, as long as they don't get to bad.Just keep an eye on it hun. And rest up a bit. Go put your feet up and let DH cook you dinner.I have everything crossed for you hun.

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    Carys Guest


    Thanks for your replies. I've woken up this morning with small amount of spotting but cramps are gone. Among other symptoms, BB's still sore, temp is still up at 36.9. Im now on CD13 so if temp stays up and it holds on I'll get to the Dr on CD 16 for a bt.


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    Good luck, I really hoe AF stays away and the BT shows a nice BFP with high HCG levels.

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