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Thread: implantation bleeding?

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    Default implantation bleeding?

    Hello ladies

    I guess I just wanted to share my experiences with you as I don't have any one close to me who is at the same stage of wanting to start a family... and my husband is no help and thinks I'm just crazy for being so obsessed!

    We're not in a rush to get pregnant...but in saying that, I'm definitely excited and the anticipation is making me analyze and research everything that my body is doing (I've read so many's probably doing my head in ) in hopes that I might be...

    I just got off the pill about month ago when I had my last period so it's possibly due this week at some point but I'm not really sure about the length of my cycle now that I'm not taking the pill. This Mon and Tue, I noticed some drops of pinkish, yellowy brown cervical mucus in my underwear ...but nothing on the tissue when I wiped (sorry tmi). Then the next day just a tiny drop and today, nothing. Could this be implantation bleeding?

    I guess I'll wait another week or so before testing, I jumped the gun 3 times in the past 2 weeks and was disappointed when it came out negative each time

    I feel like I've been getting so many symptoms that other people have written about in forums like sore lower back, breast tingling (they look like they're getting wider..and to me it seems like there's more sweat glads around them), achy legs and hips, mood swings, mild cramping and nausea...

    Lol, well this is getting long ...thank you for reading x

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    I'm no real help, but I know coming off the pill can mess up your cycles a little bit.

    Hopefully this isn't the case for you and you get your BFP next week

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