thread: 'Just seeing what happens?'

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    Apr 2009
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    'Just seeing what happens?'


    My husband and I are still pretty young (25 and 28), and we have been contraception-free for a couple of months.

    We aren't doing any charting or OPKs or anything, just DTD pretty much every day... Do you think I will get pregnant soon, or should I start being more methodical?

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    well thats how I got UTD with my first 3 but if you want to join us in the 1-6mth TTC thread you will find out more than you need to know about TTC...


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    Apr 2009

    Charting it makes it more fun and helps you to understand your body! But at the same time it can be frustrating and stressful ... if your DTD every day you have a pretty damn good chance of getting UTD... just gotta make sure u dont miss that fertile period thats all!


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    Well it worked for us and my hubby is 47!

    I went off the pill in February and the first time we actually DTD when I was ovulating in August (I just guessed it was about the middle of my cycle and told him beforehand), it worked.

    All the other times we just DTD as normal but it obviously wasn't around ovulation becuase no pregnancy resulted. We didn't track my cycles, temperature or anything.

    I was lucky that when I ovulated I could "feel" it with some period pain type twinges and sore breasts -hence the lucky guess of when I was going to ovulate.

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    I'd leave the charting for now. It really can take the fun out of it & it can make you focus on every symptom & when your AF is due etc.