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Thread: Late and -ve HPT

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    Default Late and -ve HPT

    I'm wondering if anyone has ever had a +ve HPT without feeling any PG symptoms?
    FF says i'm 16DPO and that I o'd early, with a -ve HPT with midmorning pee, yesterday. I don't feel pre AF, not that I get much anyway. Usually first sign is temp drop day before AF arrives. I had sore BB and abdo cramping last time i was PG. I am over analyising every twinge in my belly, my nipples have been itchy, I'm searching for similar symptoms. It it driving me crazy.
    I don't know if I'm grasping at straws, hoping that I might be PG. But just don't feel that I am.

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    I don't think your temps really look high enough. If you are pregnant you may not get a positive with anything other than FMU so if you don't get AF in the next few days then test again when you wake up.

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    I sure didn't feel pg with Olivia until I could feel her moving so that was around 19 weeks so it is definitely possible. But I had an amazingly easy pregnancy with no problems at all.
    Wishing you the best of luck and sending heaps of ****baby dust****

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    Charlotte - my fingers are tightly crossed for you hun i am hoping you get your bfp very soon!! i've been reading in the TWW threads that i googled across the internet, different stories and lots of women said they didnt even feel pregnant yet AF was late and they finally got their bfps so it is hopeful still for you.

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    Hi Charlotte,

    Don't give up until AF arrives. I got a BFN at 15DPO and a BFP at 17DPO. I had no pg symptoms at all.

    Good luck

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    I guess all of our bodies are different. Your temps are not really high however I would not give up until AF arrives! I wish you good luck and sending you lots of baby dust.


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    Hi Charlotte - just checked out your chart.... ff gave u a dotted coverline so u may not be 16dpo... so it could be to early to test if u are pregnant
    sending u lots of vibes

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