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Thread: losing weight, TTW, diet and exercise?

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    Question losing weight, TTW, diet and exercise?

    Hi all,

    I may as well be blunt, I do need to lose some weight!
    I used to run (a lot) but due to injury, I was been advised to stop mid last year. Since then the weight has crept on, I was never thin to start with but pretty fit & I love exercise.
    I walk a hell of a lot and eat very healthy low fat organic food etc, but i do sneak some tim tams in the like with coffee now and then & on hot nights I do love ice cream. I am healthy, good heart, blood pressure etc.
    I am worried about getting pregnant while overweight and feel guilty as I know it causes some extra risk, but as I am against the clock about to turn 38 and only ttc #1! I'm not sure I want to change things too dramatically for fear of interrupting ovulation.
    My point is, since starting to ttc, I am a bit nervous to do anything vigorous in the TTW and that kind of breaks up my momentum. I also don't want to diet majorly as I'm scared my body will go even more irregular.
    I suppose I know the answer to the above, pilates, keep walking and cutting back on carbs or portion size perhaps but I am just wondering if anyone else feels unsure about exercise in TTW or has an opinion on all of the above.

    thanks in advance! sassba

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    I walk nearly everyday very fast on my treadmill and trying to lose my last 3kg from having Brooke. Don't worry about 2ww, just dno't over-do the exercise in 2ww.

    I'm sticking to 1400-1800 calories a day and walking 20-30 mins. Once that egg implants it TAKES alot for anything to budge it, I've been told, the padding inside to look after bub is quite amazing.

    Eating good and exercising only enhances your fertility. goodluck again hon.


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    I was overweight when ttc and actually put on some when I got a bit down in the dumps following my 2nd m/c.
    During this pg, so far I have only put on 4-5 kilos. My OBS doesn't even weigh me and he has said nothing about my starting weight or asked how much I weigh now.
    It sounds like u have a good attitude to exercise and food and I wouldn't change any of what u r doing now. The only thing u might need to consider is that some hospitals won't let u deliver if you have a higher than 30 BMI (??).
    Good luck

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    As long as you don't do anything extreme exercise wise you will be fine.

    This could be a bit too much info than you were looking for but I noticed you mentioned tim tams & coffee in your thread, in my opinion both of these should be avoided when ttc.

    Many store bought biscuits and cakes have trans fats in them and it is now thought that eating just one serving of food with it in them can cause infertility in some women. Google trans fat and infertility and you will find all sorts of articles to support the theory. I cut them out of my diet recently and fell pg within weeks of doing so (not sure if this was a coincidence or not), unfortunately it was not a sticky baby.

    Coffee, cola & tea all have caffeine in them & the recommended intake of these whilst ttc or when pg is something like 1 cup of coffee per day, up to 5 cups of tea a day and cut out cola all together. Apparently there's something in the caffeine that can cause miscarriages. If you really like these drinks it's very hard to stop drinking them... I've cut back but I'm now trying to elimate them altogether after my m/c.

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    Default BMI exercise,etc

    Hi all,

    Well, I got quite inspired on sunday and I went out and I started sprint, fast walk cycles for 30 minutes with 15 minutes of fast walk each side. Boy am I sore! I also started doing bands, push-ups and sit-ups at home, I plan to do it every other day.
    I'll just try not to get too overheated
    which was one of the concerns I have read about, somewhere, in the ttw and maybe skip the sit-ups in ttw too.
    I read about the sprinting method recently, it is supposed to really shift fat quickly, I normally just jog lightly for 45 minutes and I never get sore (even after a bit of a break) but the sprinting really hurt every muscle in my body. It feels pretty good, though I am walking a little funny. I'm sure it will settle down after a few sessions.
    I might try pilates soon too.

    No more tim tams, (see the thread about coffee trans fats etc.) I don't want to touch that stuff again.
    Funny thing is that I never really liked tim tams until recently, I think it's a comfort thing while ttc.

    Fortunately my BMI is only 27.5, so birthing centre should be ok. I did read somewhere, (I may well have been reading more about ttc than is normal?) about that birthing centre BMI cut off, I think that it is really unfair, surely theres a way to cater for mums to be who are outside cookie cutter stats and dont want to go to hospital for birth?? I'm sure it's a safety and facility issue but still!

    Anyway, thanks for all your thought. sassba

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