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Thread: need some advice pretty please..............

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    Default need some advice pretty please..............

    Just got AF today after pin pointing Ovulation day exactly. Can anyone help me with trying to increase DP's sperm count? We think it maybe him as i have a child already and he doesnt. he is taking Zinc, and he works outside in the sun all day everyday, help would be appreciated. I want to catch the eggie next cycle. otherwise we will go and get him tested if we dont fall in May. thank you. :wave:

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    How long have you been TTC ?
    Did it take you long to fall pg with DS ?

    I think wearing loose trousers help he can't wear anything tight.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Tommy girl,
    Not sure how much help i'm going to be,but i am in the same dilemma as you. i have two other kids to my exhusband and now ttc## is seeming impossible.Trying to cover just the basics here,but we've been trying 4 months. With the other two i fell 1st month and 2nd month respectively.So i've got him on a mens multi,trying to get him to eat vegetables!! Smoke less(he's down to about 3 a night). Not have as much caffeine. Just 2 a day. Drink water.He hates water.Wear cotton boxers. He also takes epilim (precautionary)for epilepsy. Although this is not meant to effect sperm count. hope any of those ideas help. Goodluck,with ttc. Maybe we'll finally catch it this month.


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    thanks guys. my partner doesnt smoke and has the odd beer when socializing. he drinks only water at home. He goes to the gym twice a day so being fit i thought i would have no trouble. This will be my 6month TTC. but im worried as i dont want there to be a big gap between DS and next bub. he will be 6 soon. My cycle was back to normal this time and i got the ovualtion day down pat. On ovulation day when should i BD last month we went night before, twice on the O day and the night after just to make sure. its that to much? hes taking multi and zinc, so i think everything im doing is ok. Hopefully another regular cycle this month will give us a BFP. im so dertimned. I fell 8 weeks going off the pill with DS. very quick. thanks for the help and keep the suggestions coming. :-k

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    My GP and gyno said they would test DP anytime as I have a 6 year old already and it really stresses me the age gap. So My GP and gyno have already said they will test anytime i want. I have already had a pelvic ultrasound when we were only TTC for 3 months. This is our 6th Month TTC. And after this month i will get DP tested. It took me 8 weeks to fall last time with DS, but if i was TTC #1 then i would wait the 12 months but i cant waste time, this time around. I really wanted a 2006 baby but looks like (hopefully) it will be 2007 now. And DS will be 7. So my circumstances are a bit different now. Hence why i want all the advice on how to go naturally as next month im not sure what will happen. :smt102

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    In regards to your question about BD. I was told to do it every second day (starting about a week or even two before 'O', depending how long your cycle is) until after you have 'O'. We were ttc for 8 months and the month we did this we fell pg.

    They say that 2 day old sperm is perfect for getting to the egg and fertalising it. 1 day old sperm is not quite mature enough to do the job properly but it is still possible, I'm sure a lot a ladies have gotten pg from 1 day old swimmers, but they say its the quality not the quantity.


    Good Luck!

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