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    hi everyone. This is my first post. My husband and i are planning on getting pregnant and hopefully very soon! For the last three months i have been taking pre conception supplements to prepare and also had a Rubella booster. I just have a question which may sound stupid but i don't have anyone else i can really ask. I have been on the pill for the last five years. Found out last September i have endometriosis. The reason i first went on the pill was due to bad stomach cramps each month when i would vomit (sorry for the detail) and be quite sick. My cycle was always all over the place and i never knew when i would be getting my period. The pill got me into a regular cycle and helped with the pain a little bit. I also skipped my period regularly by not taking the sugar pills as this helped with the pain and also stops the endo from growing back. Anyway, my question is: When do i start counting my cycle? I went off the pill last Thursday after skipping my period with the pill by taking it for six days. I got my period this Wednesday. Do i start counting from the first day of my period or when my period finishes. What if my periods go all irregular again as i have stopped the pill? How would i count for when i am ovulating. Very sorry for asking all these basic questions. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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    Welcome travelgirl - You should start counting your cycle from the first day of your period. The best way of getting to know your body/cycle is to start charting your fertility signs eg. body temp when you wake up in the morning (basal body temperature), consistency of cervical mucus, cervix position etc. There is a fantastic website that many people use for charting called fertility friend. It has a great online tutorial series that teaches you all about recognising your fertility signs. Once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze and really helps you to pinpoint ovulation, no matter when it is.

    Come join us in the TTC buddies group 1-6 months. You'll learn heaps from all the great girls in there and there's likely to be someone with experience of endo who can help with questions about how it might affect your conception journey.

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    I don't know much about endometriosis, some people with if have difficult to TTC. It would be worth while dicussing it with your doctor if you have trouble TCC, as there are treatment options available.
    In the meantime monitor your fertile signs with FF.
    And best of luck.

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    You count your first cycle day (CD1) as the first day of full flow (not spotting).

    I've just started using the FF website the others mentioned and I'd highly recommend it.

    I agree with Charlotte that it might be worth a visit to your GP re endo & ttc.

    I hope your ttc journey is a short one.

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    Fertility friend is a good starting point for charting, and dont ever feel a question is silly. we have all had to start at sometime and yet even those who have been around for a while have those questions.Well done for getting all prepared for TTC.

    The threads are great for support and there are wonderful girls here. There is also a thread for PCOS/ Endo.

    I think seeking advice about going off the pill and the endo from your GP would be helpful. Wishing you a successsful journey

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