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thread: Old Wives Tales to help you conceive?

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Exclamation Old Wives Tales to help you conceive?

    Hi all,

    Anyone got any funny old wives tales that they have been told that will help them concieve?

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    Feb 2004

    Laying with a pillow under your bum to help with gravity! I say it's an old wive's tale cos all the times we did that - nothing. When we didn't it happened!!

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    LOL Sarah.........that one was the one I was thinking of too...........I have laid there like an idiot more times than I care to remember (no doubt all the "Old Wives" whoever the are would have been laughing themselves silly at me!) Like you, the one time I didn't prop myself up (because i was too drunk!) we concieved!!

    Anyone else?

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    belmarks Guest

    My friends and I have this long running joke about old wives tales and pregnancy, you know, you've probably heard the ones about "well if you get heartburn, you'll have a hairy baby" or "you're carrying it all out in front (whatever that means) so you're having a boy" etc, so we jokingly say "if you pick up a piece of lint off the floor, you're going to have a baby"

    Old wives tales are so silly!! :smt118

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    May 2003
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    I agree that most of them are daft.......however.........my granny once told me that when I was ready to start a family I should get a pair of yellow booties and put them in a safe place in my home.

    When it was time for us to start TTC, I had forgotten all about it, but she hadn't, and knitted me a pair of adorable yellow booties and gave them to me just before I left to live in Darwin. Two months later: pregnant!

    (I have since loaned this pair of bootees to a friend.......she got pregnant 3 weeks after recieving them!)

    So, yep, old wifes tales are daft. Or are they?! LOL!

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    Uhu Guest

    old wives tales to help you conceive

    What about the old wives tale that says when you're hanging out the washing and a kookaburra sits on the fence and laughs at you......We only have the blue-winged variety here and they don't laugh, they just make a hideous racket, am I doomed?

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    May 2004

    I've also heard that old wives tale, but I was told any colour booties!


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    Jan 2004

    I haven't heard that old wives tale. I was always under the impression that it is bad luck to "jump the gun" IYKWIM. I'm dying to go out and buy some baby close etc but thought it would be bad luck to do that before I get pregnant. Maybe just one little pair of booties doesn't hurt then??


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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Karen..........I am with you there. We were TTC for 3 long years before Olivia came along and I was terrified of "tempting fate" buy buying anything to do with babies............so I restricted myself to my one pair of yellow boottees. (And the occasional wishful little look in Baby Target!)

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    beck.o Guest

    hey bel, if they dont work this time maybe the will next time. i mean if you want to get all scientific about it then perhaps the booties should be in the house before ovualation.


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    Sep 2004

    The old 'jumping the gun' wives tale may have some truth to it. My DH calls my spare room (nursery-to-be) "BabyCo" because of all the stuff I already have, and so far no success. I do have a pair of little yellow socks but they are tucked away in a box, so maybe I should get them out and rock them to sleep each night and give them a special little place of their own - sounds crazy, but would be worth it if it worked huh!?

    Thinking I might have to take up knitting if that doesnt work

    Scientific, hey. Isnt this whole conversation based purely on science! LOL


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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Exclamation * Old Wives Tales to Help you Conceive

    Olivia and I had lunch today with a lovely friend of ours. Joanie is an older lady, & very wise. We got onto the conversation about fertility/concieving babies.......she has 4 kids, so I reckon she knows her stuff!

    Anyway, she is of aboriginal descent and works for the Dept of Health up here in the Territoty & spends a lot of time on outback communities. The combination of her heritage and her work means that she is very familiar with ancient old wives tales, especially in connection with fertility!

    She was telling me that if you are struggling to have babies, her cultutal advice is "take out you earrings and eat greens".......apparently this is a well known "old wives tale" and she couldn't believe I had never heard it!

    Here is the spooky bit........when I first moved to Darwin, the humidity affected my earrings/ears, so I took them out as they kept on getting infected/sore. 3 months later: pregnant! So maybe there IS some truth in this!

    So, my earrings have been put away in a box and I am off to make a salad!

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    Just a question, where should these yellow socks be placed????


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    Sep 2004

    Well folks I have my pair of yellow Bonds booties in a little gift box next to a picture of my dad who passed away just 6 weeks ago. Heres hoping he is my guardian angel and has some sway with things "up there".

    I just thought of another wives tale I have heard too - Have a close friend give you a parsley plant. You need to nurture it and try your hardest to help it grow.

    Dont know if this works, but hey if not you will have an excess of garnish!


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    Oct 2004

    Legs in the air - does it help?

    After we have i lye on my back with my legs up in the air for about 15 mins giving the little some gravitational help!

    Do you think this will help at all or is it just a myth??

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    Jun 2004

    I guess if you feel like it is helping, then it is. There is no harm in it!!


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    Nov 2003

    Hey Sara,

    I didn't actually put my legs up in the air (too much movement caused me to have even more leakage LOL!) but I just kind of bent my knees IYKWIM and propped my bum up a bit. It's not necessary to do those things in order to get pg but I know for me it felt reassuring to be doing something LOL.

    Good luck!

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    Nov 2004

    I put a pillow under my hips for about 20 minutes after BD. Don't know if it helped or not, pregnant at 1st real attempt so it may have. I have heard that if you put your legs in the air it may be too much of an angle.

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