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Thread: Opinons and help! What do you think is happening?

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    Default Opinons and help! What do you think is happening?

    Ok i am very confused.

    I have been using Maybe Baby as i am not good with temping etc....

    And last thursday had some niggly pains so used MB and had partial ferns so DTD

    Then Friday no ferns

    THen this morning has slight period pain so checked with MB and FUll ferning?

    i am confused and really to throw it out the window!

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    hi did you find out whats going on yet

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    Hi Mya, I have no idea about maybe baby's sorry. Do you know what's happening yet?

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    Nope still dont know whats going in - i have done another post with my symptoms ongoing lol.... obsessive i know.

    I guess i can only hope that i did OV and that i caught it... fingers crossed and i guess worse come to worse i should know in a few weeks if either AF hasnt arrived or BFN or BFP....

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