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Thread: Ovulating twice in 1 cycle???

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    Default Ovulating twice in 1 cycle???

    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone has ovulated more than once in one cycle? I am at CD30 today and I thought I ovulated around CD18 (i am 90% sure i had EWCM), i thought i'd check today to see whats happening down there (TMI SORRY) and I got creamy EWCM, it's very creamy but not clear but very stretchy.

    Has anyone experience anything like this?? I am very confused.

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    AFAIK you can't ovulate twice in one cycle because once you ovulate it stimulates your body to release differant hormones which supress ovulation until the next cycle.
    It is possible to release 2 (or even more) eggs but they are released within a very short time of each other.

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    I just read an article in "The Age" recently about ovulation. There was a study done which suggested that it MAY be possible for ovulation to occur twice in the one cycle but that is all I remember about it. I'm wondering if anyone else saw this? I will have to look into it again and see if I can find out.

    Princess, just from the symptoms you are describing though, it doesn't sound like the CM you are having later is fertile. Fertile mucus is generally clear and stretchy. The creamy mucus can be fairly abundant too but if it is not stretchy, it might not be very useful to you. Have you had other symptoms such as ovulation pain or a rise in temperature? Did an OPK give you an indication that ovulation was imminent?

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    thanks for your reply. i haven't taken my temp yet. I was going to start on my next cycle. i have only had period pain for the last couple of weeks. I did a test this morning and got a BFN.

    I did to read once about ovulating twice according to the moon phase or something like that.

    I might go and get an OPK and see what that says but from your reply's it sounds like I am not ovulating again.

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    Hi Princess - I`ve just come across your post, I ovulated twice once at CD11 and then again on CD19, both eggs were conceived, I got the typical O pains at both times, on CD11 it was my right side on CD19 it was my left side both times I also had EWCM. I didn`t think anything of it, just thought my body was going haywire as I was breastfeeding and TTC, until I saw two sacs at 8 weeks into my pregnancy so yes it is possible to O twice in the one cycle.

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