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Thread: Ovulation & BF - really silly question

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    Question Ovulation & BF - really silly question

    If AF hasn't returned yet due to BF can you still fall pg? If so how do you know if you have ovulated?


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    CM or by doing temps and charting, but to chart could go on forever!!

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    You would need to keep an eye on your CM. Much easier than charting - as AFP says, chart could go on for months.

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    Yep - its happened to me. I havent had AF since May 2005 due to falling pregnant with DD#2, breastfeeding for 10 months, then falling pregnant again with DD#3 - i was on the mini pill too !!!! I did notice slight increase in CM though around the 9 or 10 month mark - this was the time i returned to work a few days a week, thus the feeds were cut down a little.......

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