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Thread: pregnancy after tubal ligation

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    Default pregnancy after tubal ligation

    I am currently pregnant with out 4th child. The problem is after our son Gunnar was born in August 2006 I had my tubes clipped. Apparently it didn't hold because here I am pregnant again. My doctor told us that pregnancy after tubal ligation is more common that people think.

    I am still wondering if that is true. Has anyone on here had any experience with getting pregnant after having a tubal or do you know anyone who did?

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    Oh wow Just Peachy,
    I have heard of this happening but never "met" anyone. Congratulations on your surprise pregnancy. I believe it is not common but it does happen. (as you clearly know!)
    I imagine that this pregnancy has given you lots of emotion and it must have taken time to digest the reality. I hope you are doing okay. Big big hugs

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    Hi Just Peachy!

    This thread HERE is for those TTC after a tubal reversal. Not quite the same as your situation but they are a nice bunch to chat to.

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