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Thread: Pregnancy or PMS??

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    Melody7, I am so sorry af showed up. I know how flat it can make you when you get your hopes up & then they are dashed by af arriving. It was simply not meant to be this month. I am trying not to get my hopes up (CD22) as I have no symptons & no implantation dip as per FF. Will still be bitterly dissappointed if af arrives again this month.
    Hope next month is your month & if you are meant to conceive at the IL's beach house then so be it. All the best....

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    Thanks Mummyto1, your temps look fantastic! Have you thought about joining our TTC (1-6mths) thread? We'd love to chat with you there. We'd love to share your journey with you.

    I don't think you have to have an implantation dip to be preggy. However, your temps have gone down and then up again in the last few days. When are you going to test?

    Hope to chat with you again.

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