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Thread: Primolut N not working, anyone elses experiences...

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    Default Primolut N not working, anyone elses experiences...


    So after being on a course of Primolut N for 5 days taking 1 tablet a day to induce AF, still no AF and it is now 7 days after last tablet. I have read the instructions and it says AF should come a few days after last tablet? So anyway, I am planning on seeing the GP again next week as it is not working but just wanted to see if this happned to anyone else? I am starting to think there maybe something really wrong. My GP said when prescribed that if this didn't work then she was unsure what she would do.

    Confused and worried.

    Love to hear about anyones experiences would be great.


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    I am experiencing the same thing... waiting for my period. It has been 7 days and my stomach is bloated and i have period like cramps, but no period.
    My question is, how long after taking the final primolut pill do i have to wait to get my period?

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    Hi, i dont have an answer for you, i am sorry.... but i do hope you find an answer soon.

    I do remember having to use Primolut N when i was younger to bring on AF and it worked within 3 days, so i dont know why you both havent started! Very bizzare. Hopefully one of the fantastic ladies here will have an answer for you.... (i tried googling it for you both but really came up trumps)..

    Sorry i couldnt be more help.

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    Thanks - i attempted the same thing with google... hopefully someone out there has an answer for me.

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    I used primolut N, but from memory took 4 little tablets for 4 days and AF arrived around 5-7 days later. I hope you get some answers from your dr.

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    Hi Ladies,

    Just wanted to know , did u got period after taking primoult N, or what did doc suggested.
    I have got my periods from last 4 months. I saw Gyneac 2 days back and he gave Primolut (2 tablet/day for 5 day). its my second day, and I am having cramps. I have PCOS & endometriosis.
    Please reply.

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