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Thread: Progesterone - any help please midwives?

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    Default Progesterone - any help please midwives?

    OK.... so its a hormone that supports a pregnancy, but what else does it do? What other signs are there that you dont produce enough?

    I read somewhere that it may include oily hair and facial hair starting to appear.....

    Went to the doc today (finally) to get a referral for FS (if i ever get to go, for those who have read my other posts) and doc says he thinks i have a progesterone problem.

    Now i know poor HJ had to go through all of this, and i have ben following her thread, but i want more info - what exactly is progesterone??!! Can it lead to depression if you dont have enough on a day to day basis (something else i read briefly).

    googling like crazy and just hoping someone can please point me in the right direction of some info?

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    Like you I was starting to think I had a problem with lack of it - quite likely at my age (41) but when my hormones were tested it was found that I didn't have an issue with it at all. My very next pregnancy was a sticky one. Get the appropriate testing and it will either put your mind at ease or it will unearth an issue with it and then you can start supplementing it.

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