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Thread: So not happy with GP..

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    Default So not happy with GP..

    Ok so DH and I finally admitted that something maybe wrong TTC wise. so we made an appointment to see our GP for some testing.

    After an embarrised DH and an emotional me we got throught the appoitnment and went on to have the tests (Blood for me and a sperm anaylisis for him) - now DH has convinced himself that he is the problem and that there is a problem with his little dudes. So I have been quietly freaking out (but trying not to let him know) and anxiously awaiting today..

    Get to the GP's office to find out that they wrote the wrong date down on my appointment card and the appointment is not until tomorrow.

    So after stressing myself out (including several horrible nightmares and a sleepless night) - I have to go through it all again tomorrow...

    I just wanted some answers.

    Oh and to top it all off now I feel guilty because I was rude to the receptionist

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    Oh geez....damn receptionist!! All the best for tomorrow and i hope you get some good news

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