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    so today when i was at the health food store, the assistant told me something that nobody else has mentioned to me in my 19 month ttc journey.

    i was buying some protein powder as my sister( who is a natropath) told me that it was very important to have lots of protein and im not getting enough. i asked what to mix the powder with, water or milk. the assistant informed me that dairy during ttc is not a great thing as it can create too much mucous in our bodies.
    I did not know that. so she adviced that i have either soy, rice or A2 milk instead of normal stuff.

    i just thought i would put this out there for others that may not have known this.
    also get your man onto a really good antioxident(sp) as well as zinc.

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    Wow, I never knew that either. I'll definitely keep that in mind, thanks

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    Just on that note though, it is very good to keep up your 'good' fat intake when TTC as the zona (outside membrane) is made up of fat, so if you have very little fat in your diet, the quality of your eggs may be compromised. Just a little thing I learnt the other week too. Some fertility specialists have had good pregnancy outcomes by suggesting that women increase their fat intake (whilst still remaining healthy of course).

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