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Thread: Stressed out - should I wait until next month?

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    Jade_21 Guest

    Default Stressed out - should I wait until next month?

    I have had a really really stressful week with issues with our house renovations. I have been so stressed out that I have been vomiting and have been upset in the stomach. I am coming up to O time and I am wondering if we should give it a miss this month as I am worried about the affect of the stress on my body. On the other hand I hate the idea of waiting another month to try. Should I wait until our renovation issues are sorted out and I am not so stressed?

    Thanks Jade_21

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    It may be a good idea to wait, Jade. It sounds like you are super stressed and it's not a good thing for conception anyway (stress can reduce your chances for conceiving). Maybe just put TTC on the back-burner and not actively try but go with the flow? If you get preggers, you get preggers. If you don't, you can start fresh next cycle (after taking a deeeeep breath) and go back to actively trying?

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    Jade_21 Guest


    Thanks Debbie,

    We have put the TTC on the back-burner. The renovations issues are slowly getting resloved. Fingers crossed for next month! Hope you have a successful month,


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