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Thread: sudden irregular cycles...have never been on pill

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    Default sudden irregular cycles...have never been on pill

    hi there,

    we have been TTC for 12 months now...we have a gorgeous 3 year old, which I am very thankful for, but it is frustrating to think he only took 3 months to concieve...

    anyway, my periods have ALWAYS been in the last two cycles, I have gone from 27 days to 32....i thought I was pregnant, as the last time I was late was because I WAS pregnant........well, not this time. Today is day 32 and still no period....i just know I am not pregnant and will not bother to take a test...

    I am afraid of what is causing this to happen...I am almost 37 and surely I am not pre-menopausal? I have no other symptoms.

    I did have a fairly bad cycling accident 3 months ago.....and had a hospital stay and plastic surgery, with quite a bit of stress....but had two normal is just the last one and then this one (which I has not happenned yet as I write)....

    anyone had similar experience? This is SO unusual for me to be anymore than 1 day late.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    It is possible after everything thats happened plus the fact your ttc that stress may have a bit to do with it. You oculd go to the gp and get them to do some routine tests for you too. Goodluck.

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    yeah - they can do a blood test to check levels of progesterone, oestrogen, LH, FSH and stress hormones to see what is going on. Your hypothalamus is supposed to send messages to your pituitary (I think) gland to release the right hormones at the right time, but sometimes it can get "stalled" (this happened to me). I also conceived DD quicky (2 cycles) and am having trouble this time, for no apparent reason, but they can treat this (they put you on clomid to make you ovulate) so don't stress before you go see the doc.

    Why won't you take a test? you could be pg.

    Also, if you know when your mother went through menopause, you will probably go through it at a similar time. That might put you mind at ease. Goodluck!

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    thanks for the replies... i have actually done those blood tests to look at my hormones and it all looked Ok.

    My mum had me when she was about 38/39 and I am 36...nearly 37 so I doubt it is the start of menopause....i certainly hope not anyway.

    I am 100% sure I am NOT pregnant, and don't want to waste the money on a test! I can feel the period coming....but still don't know why I am so late these last two cylcles...I have been under stressful situations before....and it never bothered my cycles..

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Sometimes its just unexplained. My little sister is only 25 and it took her 18 months to conceive her second child. They did every test under the sun and although her cycles were longer than the norm she still was ovulating, just not at day 14, it was quite late in her cycle.They put her case in the 'unexplained' fertiltiy pile and put her on clomid to help her body regulate her periods. It worked and she got pregnant first cycle. I'd go back and see your doc. Are you using opk's? They are wonderful at pinponting ovulation.


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    I do beleive that stress can play into it a huge part, you sound like you have gone thru a lot lately. For me, pre officially TTC i was 31-32 cycles, first cycle charting 40day cycle! ive never been on the pill either.
    Good Luck

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    Runnermum, I second the others. I wouldn't read too much into a change in the last two cycles, even though you have been regularly having 27 day cycles up till this point. It is quite normal for an illness or accident to delay a period. Any kind of shock to the body can do it (even episodes of emotional stress).

    You seem pretty convinced that you are not pregnant but I would take a test anyway. You can never be sure.

    We are about the same age so I just wanted you to know that it is also very normal to take longer to conceive when you're in your late 30s. That doesn't mean it's any less frustrating (as I well know). You've been trying for number 2 for 12 months now so have you perhaps considered seeing a fertility specialist? If you aren't pg this time and are still worried about your cycles, it is probably worth getting a referral.

    Tell me to mind my own business if you like ... =)

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