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Thread: TTC after depo needle

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    Default TTC after depo needle

    Im due to get married next mth, march 23rd, and pretty much as soon as were married we will be trying for a family...
    thing is I have been on the depo needle, I was due for my last one Nov but skipped it so it would give my body 4 mths to get back to normal in time for "baby making"....
    its now 3 mths later and still no periods!!

    I had NO idea it would take this long and was never told of all this when I had the needle.

    Im so worried as I have been told it could take up to 2 yrs to get back to normal, and it devastates me to know that it could be TWO WHOLE YRS before I have a lil baby!!!!

    I did some research and I have been advised to take a thing called "angus cactus" (or somthing like that...)
    apparently its is to regulate ur periods etc and other ladies have been on it and it bought back there periods in this same case!

    today is my 2nd day on the tablets...

    I guess im just wondering if anyone here has been in the same position... (no periods after depo)..
    how long it took to get periods again, how long it took to get preg...
    if they speed up the period process somehow, HOW??
    anyone taken these tablets? results??

    sorry, Im just soooo worried!!

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    I was on depo for ages when we started TTC. I was in EXACTLY the same situation as you - due for a shot in November. I got my period back in late February (so 5 months from my last injection) and conceived our son in September (6 months of trying). That said it can take a year for your "natural fertility"( whatever that may be in your particular case) to return so just cause you have your period it doesn't mean things are fully normal yet. I appear to be pretty fertile as we hit the jackpot the first month we tried when TTCing baby number 2. I would recommend just focusing on getting healty and suggest you see a naturopath who specialises in natural fertitlity if you are concerned (I did and took all sorts of herbs for about a month or two). And I would not start charting straight away - personally I found it far too stressful, and for me it turned out to be a non-event. I wouldn't go worrying about fertility issues until you have been TTCing on a proper, established cycle for at least a year, cause I have heard it takes the average healthy couple 6 months. Hope this helps

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    I went on the depo after I had Darcy as another pregnancy within 12 months might have killed me and the minipill and I didn't get along. I was due for my last one in Dec 06 and I didn't have that as we wanted to TTC around the following march. We're still having no luck (though DH has just gotten back from 2 months away so obviously that was out).
    I had no real AF but awful old brown blood constantly for months.
    I took the Vitex you're talking about too. I took the liquid though - don't know if that makes a difference. It did what it said and regulated everything brilliantly, so I was really happy with that. However we still haven't managed to concieve yet.

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