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Thread: TTC Poems?

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    Default TTC Poems?

    Wondering if anyone has some poems, little sayings/quotes, regarding TTC?


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    I dont sorry...but would be nice.

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    *Kristee* Guest


    Here is one i have many around the office somewhere will try and find them for you.

    Anything, I'll do anything-
    Temperature charts, Cervical Mucus, litmus paper,
    Abstinence to maximize sperm count,
    Lying on my back with a pillow under my behind and
    my legs up like a beetle,
    Vitamin B, Vitamin E, zinc, magnesium,
    Anything, I'll do anything-
    But please-oh please-don't ask me to just relax.

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    Thats great! I hate it when people tell me to relax!

    I really hope there is some more out there. I wrote a poem the other week when i was feeling really down, but i threw it out. Made me feel a lot better writing it though!

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