thread: TTC Stories

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    Nov 2005

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in April 2005. At this point we were not TTC, but I wanted to get my symptoms under control so started taking Metformin, eating Low GI and exercising lots. This helped me lose 13 kg. I must say my endocrinologist warned me to use protection if I didn't want to fall pregnant, as the metformin would definitely start me ovulating again. After hearing so many stories of women with PCOS I doubted this was true.

    In October 2005 we decided we were ready to TTC. Didn't do much other than BD with no protection After the second month of doing this, I started to feel nausea before AF was due. I thought I was making things up until I saw that positive line on the HPT. \/

    To be honest, we thought we would have more time to prepare ourselves, as we did not expect it would only take 2 months given my condition. DH is so proud of his swimmers

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    HI!!!! :wave:

    Well I TTCed for 2 months and conceived on the 3rd month.... I did everything I thought was right BDed nearly EVERYDAY including O time but once i forgot about it and decided to let it go naturally is when we conceived our first bubba..... I thinks its all a matter of not worrying and having patience...

    O and I couldnt of done it without my TTC friends...
    Zap, Janie, tegan, Dee78, deejoy, angelic, boo, shellstar.... Um Aj, Emma, christy.... sara......danni cant remeber all the names sorry!!!!! but THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!

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    We were married in 1999 and I was ready to have children right away but Ben wasn't so we waited and waited and waited.
    In 2004 we were going through un upsetting time, our cat had just been hit by a car and we had to have her put down which was just devastating. And I was sitting on the bed crying one day and Ben was comforting me and said out of the blue "do you want to start trying for a baby, I think it's time", and I was like "really, now?" And yeah, we "tried" actively for 1 week and after that I was feeling a bit off and did many HPT's and got lots of BFN's. So I waited a bit and AF was due but didn't arrive so I did another test and got a really faint BFP. I couldn't believe it, I did a few more HPT's and kept getting the same faint BFP's. So I went to the doctor and she did a test and yup a faint BFP and she didn't say anything and so I asked "Am I pregnant?" and she said "Well you wouldn't be getting a line if you weren't" lol So yeah after 1 week of trying, 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant and Jonah is now 8 months old

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    Feb 2006


    Hi Guys,
    Ttc first baby, went off the pill June 2005.
    First few months new nothing about CM or OPK so really no hope.
    Since then have done OPK as well as checking CM and now I think I have a fairly good idea when I'm Ovulating so I have stopped buying the OPK.
    Trying to BD five days before and say two days after O.
    I really hope it's my month this month and everyone else of course.
    Have been to a clairvoyant and she said my ovarys are cloudy from being on the pill too long and I should drink more water to clear them.
    I didn't tell her I was having trouble or that I had been on the pill.
    She also said within the year I would be preggers.
    I hope she is right.