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    TTC Stories

    With over 1000 members on the site, there are quite a few of us that have/or are having TTC stories that we can share, so tell us how long did it take you to TTC, did you/are you having any known complications, what are you doing to increase your chances if you are still TTC or what did you do if you conceived successfully. Also how long have you been TTCing for or how long did it take you to conceive.

    I was lucky enough to conceive Kameron in our very first month of TTC. It came as quite a shock cause with having Endometriosis I was told I was told we would have trouble having children, so I came off the pill expecting it to be a couple of years waiting. With Lachlan I didn't conceive in that very first month much to my disappointment. I thought I was at first cause my cycle was 35 days the longest cycle ever, but AF did finally arrive and then a 33-35 day pattern started. I used OPK's but it took me 2 months to get a positive reading on them, and i also started charting, and then the month everything was a go I developed tonsillitis Thankfully though we conceived the next month our 4mth TTC and on Andrew's 30th birthday 8-[


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    Nov 2003

    well, with my first pregnancy, i wasnt trying to concieve so that was really unexpected too as my ex was told he couldnt have children, he had had some tests done before he met me apparently (even his doctor told us it was a suprise coz he thought he couldnt have kids) so anyway, I went to go onto the pill as he was my first sexual partner, well i went for the docs appointment, went and brought the pill $27 or whatever it was and was waiting for my next period.. well about a month later or just after i looked on the reciept and thought, hrm strange my period isnt here, so i made my ex go buy a test and sure enough i was pregnant.. that was $27 down the drain!

    with this pregnancy, well after joshua was born i went on the pill, I kept forgetting to take it so i opted for the injection because i really didnt want anymore kids with my ex, anyway came back to australia and missed my second injection.. thankgod! as it was giving me nothing but nightmares witht eh side effects.. anyway all that stuff happened, came back to austalia for the second time and moved to canberra with anthony, we decided to ttc, but the injection was still stuffing up my cycle so i went to the docs and he put me on the pill for 4 mths to regulate my cycle, so i did so, then when the 4 mths was up we had a months rest (mainly coz i was in W.A) and at the end of that month we siad ok we'll try now.. so i got some opk's off umm tanya i think it was, and i tried one day, negative, and then the next day was positive, so we Bd'd, but went out and got very drunk that night.. we bd'd for 2 weeks straight every single day, Kathryn the put my details into her fertility friend and it said id ovulated later then the kit said, luckily we had still bd'd, and anyway 2 weeks after kathryn's date from fertility friend we did a hpt and within a minute up came two lines!! so we excitedly ran onto the computer and all anthony said to kathryn was "theres two lines" and then i think all 3 of us were almost in tears so basically to end my novel LOL from proper trying it took us that first month as before i was still covered by the contraceptives..

    well thats my ttc longest post ive done in awhile just got a bit carried away

    take care

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    Nov 2004

    I went off the pill last March and stated a pre-conception care program based on 'The Natural Way to Better Babies' book. In August I visited a Naturopath, had a health check and started supplementing with vitamins and zinc. We conceived in October on the first attempt and have had a great pregnancy so far.

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    Oct 2004
    melton, victoria

    we got prg first time with both of our boys.both were c.sections due to a pelvis that is to small.we have been ttc for 8 cycles this time and finally got a bfp,no doubt another c.section.we bd every night for 7 days before o was due and a couple of nights after,

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    Come on girls share your TTC stories. There are oodles of you with a story to tell


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    Nov 2004

    Well after 4 years together, and planning a December wedding (well it was planned and the invitations were sent in March), DH decided we should think about having a baby. He already had an 11 year old daughter from a previous relationship and wanted to make sure that they were "relatively" close in age! He also wanted all his children before he was 40 (this I understand!) and was 35 at the time.

    So we went to the doctor in June and told him of the plan. Because I had a major hormone imbalance, as well as years of irregular and painful periods, we were told it would take up to two years to get pregnant.

    Came off the pill in July and were told to wait two months, then start trying.

    I went back to the doctor in October, and told him "You know about that two year wait", he said "yeah", I said "well, you're wrong".

    Alex was born in May (5 weeks early) but that's a whole another story!

    After being extremely lazy about contraception after Alex was born (basically I kept forgetting to take the pill) we decided not to use contraceptives and let "nature" take its course.

    I became pregnant with #2 when Alex was nine months old. Unfortunately I m/c at 14.5 weeks in May 2004. (mind you, just after I told all my family and friends we were expecting). It was awful.

    We decided to TTC #3 in November 2004, well actually DH decided (he seems to make the TTC decisions!). I wanted to wait until after the m/c baby's EDD, which was November. It took two cycles until I fell pregnant and conceived on New Years Day!

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    becstar44 Guest

    OK, my story is short and sweet (well, I guess the sweet part is yet to come!). I went to the doctor in May/June 04 to get the pre-conception check-up and she gave me the go ahead. So we decided to get health insurance and then had to wait until the 12 month waiting period would expire. Then it all started officially at the end of December 04 (in between Xmas and New Years), but we were staying with DH's parents, so there wasn't a lot of BDing going on. Then the following month (last cycle) we were both really sick at O time, so that month was ruled out, and now we are up to our 3rd official month of ttc, but it sort of feels like the 1st month, because its the first time we've had a good crack at it.

    In terms of increasing our chances, we are just doing the basics at the moment - charting, checking CM, eating lots of baby carrots, cutting down on alcohol and BDing every day 5 days around O.

    I also had a heart to heart chat with my reproductive organs and DH's spermies telling them to get their act together, but I'm not sure if that counts??

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    Ok here goes!

    I stopped taking the pill after our wedding in Jan 2000 , when the cycle finished.
    We thought we were Pg as AF was late. Well after 8 weeks AF came.
    Then we had a lot of dissapointments as AF was still pretty irregular. I didn't really know much about ttc. I just thought it would happen. I had been on the pill for 10 years. I just assumed my cycle was 28 days. WRONG!
    I was getting really upset after we'd been ttc for over 6 mths I went and bought a fertility book. After reading this book I came to the realisation that my cycle was 5 weeks not 4 as I'd assumed. I always thought AF was a week late, giving me false hope that I was PG. I also was missing O.
    I also learned about CM and how AF came 2 weeks after O. So now armed with this new info I checked calender and tried to guess when next O would be. It still didn't work.
    We decided to forget about it for a while. Two cousins had babies in Dec, both unplanned which made me feel so bad.
    I decided to really have a good time New Years eve and paid for it the next day! Then AF didn't come. Wedding anniversary was on Jan 8th 1 week after AF was due but I didn't want to test, even though I'd been feeling seedy.
    I went to visit a friend who had a left over test and she said take it and see and we were stunned to see it was positive.
    So thats why I had the hangover from hell New Years! Needless to say I was sick with worry and not a drop of alcohol passed my lips after that but everything was fine. I was working in a bottle shop and wouldn't even do wine tasting!

    I was breastfeeding so I didn't have a period untill Mason was 11 months old. I had some CM and so I said to DH that if we BD I reccon we'd get PG so we did that night and to my surprise we conceived Angus first go!
    I was sus as I was exhausted after Masons 1st birthday party but didn't want to get hopes up. I peed on the stick and left it with DH to watch. I thought he was lying when he said it was BFP.

    Now I hope that this next TTC is as easy. At least I know whats going on with my cycle (I hope LOL)

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    Thanks for sharing your stories girls. Is there anyone else that wants to share theirs it might give some insperation to those currently TTC.


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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    I went through 4 ICSI IVF treatments with my XH & suprisingly none of them worked. He had a sperm problem & I thought that at least one of the three embryos they were putting in each time would take.
    I ended up falling pregnant while taking the pill to my boyfriend of 6 weeks!!!

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    Aug 2004
    Sth East Melbourne

    Well, DP and I have only been together for 3 years but 6 months into 'us' we decided that we wanted children together so I went off the pill. Like most, we thought that we would just get pregnant after a cycle or two but 2 years later nothing.
    DP went to the doctors to ask about having a sperm count done. We figured it was going to be easier for him to have the initial tests than me doing it. The doctor said that he wanted us both back to him in a months time, after doing a bit of a detox and that he would do bloods and then send us off to the IVF clinic for full testing. He also at that stage told DP that people who are really trying usually BD every 3 days from day 10 in the cycle.
    Armed with that and the fact that we weren't to go back to the doctors for another month, we decided to give the every 3 days theory a go. We got pregnant first try to our shock. We ended up having a m/c but we were so relieved to know we COULD get pregnant anyway.

    It took my body nearly 6 months to get back into a routine (I only had my period twice in that time) but we got some OPK's and I was using them each of my cycles just to make sure I as ovulating.
    We were so nervous about TTC again but decided that it probably would take a while to get a BFP so we tried and shock horror ended up getting that BFP first go again!!! Now we just have the anxious wait to reach the 2nd tri, I am more confident of this pregancy though and am pretty sire I will get to meet this baby!!

    Sorry for such a long post, it all just spewed out of me.

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    Jan 2005
    North Queensland

    H & I were married in September last year and decided I would go off the pill on the last tablet of that packet. Turns out that was NYE, so that was the last time I took the pill.

    I started to "research" and after my first AF off the pill (04.01.05) - about half way through that cycle, I started to temp. AF arrived on 10.02.05 and I told H if I didn't get a BFP that month, we would try every second day for a month and see how we went.

    A week before Easter, I had a really vivid dream that a baby girl was sleeping in a basinette at our bedside. I didn't have any symptoms, but thought I'd test anyway. I didn't want to go away at Easter and drink if I didn't know what as happening. So, I POAS and two lines came up immediately!!

    I was SO excited, but H was away fishing for the day, so I couldn't tell him (or anyone else) until later that night. I was just about BURSTING!! :-# He walked in and could tell by the look in my face that I was up to something.

    I said "I think I have a baby in my belly!". He was stoked!! And here we are - over halfway through already!!

    I know I'm blessed to have been successful in our first few attempts (especially after reading some of the stories of LTTTC on this site). O

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    Dec 2004
    Laa Laa Land

    Here goes...

    DH and I were married in November 2004, and decided that we would start TTC after Christmas, so i stopped taking the pill just before christmas, with our first cycle starting on Christmas day... Anyway, DH was very excited as we BD'ed lot's and lot's... I ended up with two 34 day cycles, and then a BFP... of course we got the BFP when we had planned a trip to Cairns... we wanted to go horse riding and whit water rafting, but didnt get to do that anyway, we ended up in hospital in Cairns, coz I was bleeding, and had massive pains in the tummy, so that put a HUGE dampner on our holiday. Unfortunatley we m/ced the day we arrived back in Melbourne (I am glad it happened at home though).

    So after a massive rollercaster ride of emotions and dealing with the loss of our baby we jumped straight back on the next rollercoaster the second cycle after the m/c but have now been VERY irregular, and diagnosed with PCOS, now it's off to the fertility specialist, at the end of this month to see what we can do. Hopefully we will be pg by christmas, as we were due in early December it is going to very hard to deal with that. Also have been trying to stay positive as I know 19 people that are all fairly close to us that are pregnant. That is hard, especially considering that about 15 were not planned!!!

    I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the support of some of the girls here on BB and my very close friends (2 are pg!). My mum and dad and of course DH have been wonderful, but it is so hard when all you want is to hold your own baby in your arms...

    It will all happen for us all though... one day!


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    Aug 2005
    Gippsland, Victoria

    My story

    Ok, I know it was nearly 4 years ago, but I thought I would tell my story anyways.

    It was in May 2000 when my DP and I decided to start TTC. We were only young, him 17 me 18, but we thought it was right. We had been together for nearly 3 years. So anyway, I stopped taking my pill and we just hoped for the best.

    The first few months are just a blur really... I know we didn't conceive as I always got AF, but never on time. After then it was like we were just expecting it to happen so easily. We didn't know how hard it would be. #-o We just kept plodding along. I knew nothing about temping watching for CM to know when I had O'd or anything. Pretty nieve I guess.

    Anyhow after about 5 months of TTC I decided to go to the doc's. I have always had painful pains with AF and was diagnosed with PCOS. Well this just tore me apart. A friend of mine had just been diagnosed with it as well. I was devistated. Didn't know what i was going to do. We wanted a child so much, then to have this thrown in our faces, not nice.

    So we kept trying for another 3 months. Still nothing. I went to see my GYNO and he put me on clomid. I was only on it for 2 months and was PG. Best thing that could have happened to me. I never had the pleasure of doing a HPT tho, had my check up with the GYNO and he ordered a BT so i found out that way. It was the best feeling to nkow that I was carrying our little baby in there.

    Unfortunately 4 months into the PG DP and I split up... Turned out he didn't want to be a father after so long of trying... All i would thing ok was WHY didn't he tell me before it was too late. There was no way i was going to get rid of it after trying for so long. So I just got on with life.

    At 30wks was rushed down to Royal Womens in Melb for prem labour. Luckily for bubs they were able to prevent it. From 34 wks onwwards though i had to have a CTG (i think) every day as bubs wasn;t moving. Had to have a u/s every week. and after 3 weeks they realised that there wasn't enough fliud for bubs anymore.... So the next question was when were they going to enduce me?? Anyhow it wasn't until 3 days b4 my supposed due date (explain in a min) that they tried to enduce me. This was a Thursday. They tried twice, still nothing. Tried again Friday morning but to no avail. Anyhow they sent me home for the weekend and told me to come back Monday 2/12. I had actually started mild labour at 2am but they still enduced me at 9am. By 11:30 I was on the gas. So after 17.5 hours of labour I had a beautiful baby girl. We thought she was 1 day overdue, but the doc looked at her and said she was 2 weeks early. only 6lb2oz. but that was nothing to sneeze at, i just wanted to hold her and never let her go, lol.

    It is the most beautiful thing to have a baby, and see them grow.

    Now, after 4years, her father and i are back together, surprisingly, and I think I may be PG again!!!! won't know until 17/8/05 but if I am, it is very unplanned. We've only been back together for 4 weeks, lol. and he has been in Scotland since 28/7 so it would be like 1st time lucky.

    Anyhow I have bored you enough now.. Thanks for reading.


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    Feb 2004

    We have lots of new members since this was last posed in, so anyone got anything to add?

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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    So glad you bumped this Sarah.

    Well, I've always had dodgy cycles and I finally got a doctor to refer me to a gyno for further treatment. After the initial check up he said, your left ovary is large than the right, the lining of the uterus is thickened and you have some suspect looking growths on your tubes. So I was booked in for a Laporoscopy, Hysteroscopy and a D&C. After that he said I had mild endo and he put me on Duphaston for it (which worked a treat).

    Anyway we always assumed it could possibly take a while to conceive, but I was off the Duphaston for a month to see what would happen with my cycles and somewhere in there we caught the eggie! we were totally unprepared and it wasn't until my cycle was up to 45 days I thought I should test because I was getting all the typical pg symptoms and got a BFN, which was the first of several BFN HPT's. After two blood tests I finally had a confirmed PG!! This meant I was 6 weeks when I found out.

    The second time around was different because it was planned, but after coming off the pill we waited a month for my cycle to get back to normal and then we TTC. We caught the eggie 1st time and the TWW was awful, because I was actually waiting for AF to arrive and not just getting anxious after AF was late IYKWIM? I tested 3 days after AF was due and got a very feint BFP!! I did have implantation spotting the day before I tested, but didn't want to get my hopes up so I waited a day.

    The third time was exactly like the second time.

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    Mar 2005
    Racsheree Melbourne

    I'll make mine as short as possible..

    We had been trying for 9 months and finally fell pregnant.. I didn't think we had ANY hope as my husband has been a type 1 diabetic since he was 2years old and i thought there was going to be problems from his side, but i was proved wrong!

    I had problems with my cycle as i waited 86 days between periods towards the end and then the month following i used Cough Syrup and fell pregnant that month which was exactly on our 1st wedding anniversary!

    I wish all of those TTC the best of luck and as stressful as it can be you need to make sure you relax as well.. Getting worked up about it all doesn't get you any further any quicker..

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    Feb 2004

    Hehe, just realised mine's not on here!!

    Aaron & I got married in August 2000 & I wanted to have a baby pretty well straight away. He wasn't ready yet, concerned about the financial implications etc so we didn't start trying. On Mother's Day (how ironic!) 2002 he decided it was the right time.

    So we started TTC in May 2002. In the October/November we put all that on hld while we sold our house & bought a new one, but once we moved in in December it was all systems go again. In the January of 2004 (after another year actively TTC) we went and saw our Dr. Long story short, after multiple tests we found out that Aaron has a very low sperm count. We were told that we'd more than likely have to go down the IVF route.

    I was all set to have my tests done on Monday 5th of July 2004 and on the Saturday before, AF was due. Sooo as my temp had not yet dropped Aaron convinced me to test. I got my BFP, yaaaaaay!!!

    Alexzander will be one this month and we are on our second journey