thread: TTC and Thrush

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    Jan 2005
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    I tried that pessary thing and went bloody near insane.

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    Oct 2004

    i was told the same thing - about actualy putting the yoghurt into your vagina, the acidophillus (i cant spell) type of youghurt because it kills the thrush..
    Also he said to wear only cotton underwear and to dry underwesar in the sun not the dryer, as the natural sunlight kills the thrush too. He also said to wear no underwear as often as possible, esp when i actually had thrush. The wierdest thing he told me to do was to lie outside in the sun with my legs spread, so the sun is shining, well you know, there... I dont know if it works.

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    Jan 2005
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    Thanks girls

    I tried the '1 day' pessary last night, still uncomfortable. Tried dabbing vinegar on Sunday during day (but only had white). It stopped the itching, till I went to W/C again.

    The pharmacist & a Dr (over phone, as my Dr doesn't work Sundays) said it wouldn't affect TTC. Pkt says it should go within 3 days, then need stronger stuff.

    Maybe I shouldve tried the yoghurt first. Now really not sure what to do now. Might have to get some tonight & try that & see if eases up tomorrow.

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    Nov 2004

    I got it a few months after going off the pill. My naturopath made this disgusting stuff to take and gave me acidopoulis (sp?) powder. I also cut out sweet things to eat and it cleared up really fast . We were advised to have this cleared up prior to TTC which we did. It is such a horrible thing to put up with.

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    Mar 2005
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    I used to get severe thrush every single month and doctors were no help at all. Here is how I combatted my problem:

    I ate a bowl of natural yoghurt every day (I found Vaalia to be the easiest to stomach :feelsick: ) mixed up with a chopped up banana to try and mask the taste.

    I cut back mushrooms, milkshakes, cheese, alcohol, softdrink, lollies, bread, fast food(I have very little self control when it comes to avoiding yummy foods)

    I i felt thrush coming on I sat in a shallow bath of luke warm water mixed with baking soda for about 3 or 4 mins, then inserted natural yoghurt straight from the fridge(extremely soothing) up there, sorry if TMI, but i just used to scoop it up in my fingers & kinda shove it up there, leave it in there for a while then have a warm shower.

    I only ever used QV body wash in the shower and only splashed water on my girly bits.

    By doing all of these things i managed to reduce the occurence of thrush so that now i only get it about 3 times a year. I can't bring myself to swallow a single mouthful of natural yoghurt anymore (should never have stopped eating it)so i drink one Yakult every morning which really seems to help me prevent thrush.

    i also shower at least 15 mins after sex, but i only use water.

    I hope this helps somebody, I have done countless hours of research on this subject so if anyone has a question let me know and i might be able to help.

    tonnes of dust: and inkstick: to all of us!!!!

    love elissa
    :smt057 Me 21 DH 28

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    I am feeling itchy and stingy today just like thrush too, I am due for my AF on sunday. Can you get this symptom if you are pregnant? Confused.

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    May 2005
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    Re: Thrush

    I have heard that a tampon quickly dipped in vinegar and than inserted for and hour or so can help. I don't know how it would affect your fertile time though.
    Yes I tried this and it was wonderful. I got thrush mid last cycle because of all the semen (which is alkaline) that I was trying to get to find the egg. It changes the Ph. I dipped a tampon in white vinegar and teatree oil and inserted it and it was wonderfully relieving. Also sat in a bath of vinegar and tea tree oil was great. And sea water is good so go to the beach. Plus I got onto it as soon as I felt it coming in. Also used difulcan one which worked after 1 day, but the tampon helped until that kicked it.

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    I know your pain!! Don't know if anyone read my posts in the General Health section a while ago, but since I stopped the pill in June 2005 I have had thrush LOTS!!

    Tried many different treatments, firstly the canesten applicator creams (3 day and 6 day), Diflucan, Monistat...... at first, my swabs were coming back negative so the GP was prescribing me all sorts of different cortisone creams (thinking it was skin infection/irritation kinda thing). Even went to Gyno (who found nothing out of the ordinary of course!). Then got some 10 day tablets from GP on prescription that seemed to work quite well.

    Got thrush again the other day (am now on my first cycle back on the pill) so went to chemist and got more canesten and also some Inner Health tablets. So, I havent actually found a cure yet!! But I am going to try taking Inner Health all the time to try and prevent it. Seems like sex causes the thrush, because everytime it clears up we have sex and it comes back!!

    Anyway, it is a horrible thing to have. Hope you get rid of it!!