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Thread: TWW and have an awful cold! Can I take anything?

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    catmommy Guest

    Default TWW and have an awful cold! Can I take anything?

    What can I take for relief? I'm afraid to take anything but am beginning to feel desparate!

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    i wouldn't take anything besides panadol. sorry. I'm in a similar situation - my back has gone, but becasue i may be pg they can't do any untrasound or interferential on it and i can't take anti-inflammatories either. I wil lbe so annoyed to have suffered through it if i'm not pg!!

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    catmommy Guest


    The answer I was afraid of - BTW - ice your back. I had the same thing happen to me. Couldn't take any anti-inflam meds but ice did the trick. Ice it on for 5-10 minutes then off for 20. That reduces the swelling. Don't use heat because that can add fluid to the area causing pain. To this day, when I hurt my back (at the ripe age of 34) I use ice because it feels better sooner. Feel better soon, sporty

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    If you're in the TWW, then the baby hasn't even implanted yet has it?? I doubt it would be connected to your blood supply at this point. Maybe ask a pharmacist.

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    Yes the baby implants in the tww phase normally at about day 5 to10 dpo.Id only take panadol to be honest.I know it sucks!I had the worst cold of my life when I was in the last tri and couldn't take anything!!

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