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Thread: Warning, may contain tmi, hehe

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    Oh No katkins, thats not good news. I have no idea about cysts or how big they usually are or anything. When are you going to see your doctor?

    I unfortunately got Af today. I knew last night that it must have been coming, i had slight cramps through the night Oh well, maybe next month.

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    Pls dont take this as what may have happened to you but here is what happened to me:

    I went to doc because I had a back pain in my ovary area and I felt like I was in labour (u know that bearing down feeling!!!). Turns out I was preggers (total shock) and losing the baby ( at 5 weeks). When I had the ultra sound the report came back as a cyst on ovary ( apparently it is normal to get a cyst when the egg is released and fertilised) and I had fluid in my cervical canal.

    I am guessing your doc will go through every thing with you. Good luck

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