thread: When did you tell the family?

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    Fee Guest

    Well my parents know that we will be TTC in December and tonight we'll be telling DH's parents!
    How did that announcement go Fee?
    Pretty good! Nothing really that exciting to report though. I guess it's not really a big big announcement - not quite the same as saying we actually are trying now.

    We also told Mark's sisters on Sunday and they seemed happy.

    We're going to tell my sister on Wednesday night when we see her.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    we told my sister and mother that we were starting TTC in December , as she will be trying for number 3 then but really we are starting now.. I just don't want the pressure.

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    Registered User

    Jun 2005

    Haven't told them!!

    We haven't said anything to either side of the family. I couldn't stand them asking if it's happened yet. Sometimes I feel guilty that I haven't told my mum because we are pretty close normally but everytime I do think about telling her for some reason I stop!

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    SmallNads Guest

    The only people who know we'll be TTC in October/November is me, hubby and you girls!

    I'd rather just surprise people with "guess what? I'm pregnant!" rather than them knowing we're TTC and expecting an announcement.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Apr 2005

    I've told my Mum, a few selected friends, and some girls I work with that we're TTC. Nobody else yet, although, depending on who it was, I might tell them. There's a few that I wouldn't though lol.

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    Fee Guest

    Told my sister and her boyfriend last night that we will TTC in December. That was cool – she was so excited!