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Thread: When to STOP taking Vitex?!?!

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    Default When to STOP taking Vitex?!?!

    Hey everyone....
    I have just started taking vitex to help regulate my cycles and get AF back after BCP. So I wanted to know......what happens if and when i get pregnant, when exactly do I stop taking vitex? I really dont want to have a miscarriage if stop during the first few weeks.
    So do i stop as soon as i find out, or keep taking it through the first trimester, or cut down slowly or do i just take the vitex up untill i ovulate and then stop? ( I think it may take a few months to get my cycles regular again so i dont really want to stop taking it part way through)

    Has anyone stopped taking vitex once pregnant during first trimester and not miscarried?

    Can anyone tell me their successes with vitex and when exactly they stopped taking it, how much did they take? and if they cut back the dosage over a little while?

    I am currently taking one capsule = 1000mg per day, not sure if thats too much or not, but i cant find any smaller dosage pills if i need to cut down the dosage .....maybe ill look a bit harder tho

    So please can anyone tell me if they have had success i want to know details!! I want to get to the bottom of this....seeing as theres no real research for vitex with M/C we could try and work out at least how to not M/C when stopping vitex!!

    Thanks all of you

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    I only took vitex for the first half of my cycle. I stopped when I knew I had ovulated

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    I was taking Vitex last year to shorten my cycles. I used to take it all the way through. I had two miscarriages in the two months that I was taking it- I stopped taking it when I found out I was pregnant. So I don't know if it was from me taking the Vitex, or if it was from me stopping after I found out I was pg. I then took it a couple of months later and my cycle shortened from 38 days to 30 days, but I didn't want to take it anymore so I stopped and a couple of months later I fell pg without taking anything at all. So I realize that I am not much help but you really should ask your naturopath about the recommended dosage if you are pg.
    Gl with everything

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    I stopped taking it when I found out I was pg.

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    I had 2 miscarriages whilst on it. Both a few days after stopping taking it. It's recommended you don't take it whilst pregnant so you have no choice but to stop taking it as soon as you are pregnant.

    I fell pregnant with this bub after being off Vitex for a couple of months and it stuck (and I'm 41 so I only had a 5% chance of conceiving).

    I will never use Vitex again and would never recommend it to anyone else. Apart form the m/c risk (google it and you will find lots of anecdotal evidence to support this) it did nothing for my cycle but did help with mood swings (which is why I was on it).

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    Thanks for all your responses! Im sorry to hear about your miscarriages satya and seems like thats what has happened to most people who have stopped taking it after finding out theyre pregnant, its not something anyone should have to go through! So i dont want to take any risks!!

    I think the safest solution will be to stop taking it after i ovulate!.........lets just hope that i do ovulate and if i do i hope i can tell the signs!

    thanks for all your help

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