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Thread: Whos TTC #3???

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    Hi Jazmum, i think ill just stay right here until its locked. I dont see any harm really and the fact that there are more than two in here gives reason to keep going till it fizzles out.
    So to answer a question. I dont know if we are ttc this month, might see how my cycles are going before we jump right in again. And also DH came home again tonight and said i think maybe 2 will be enough. Then he had a huge sigh, lol and said, oh i dont know.
    Its still to unknown to just start DTD.

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    There are threads designed for chatter regarding TTC so any new ones that are started up (for example a TWW one that was started a few months ago) are locked & the people are directed to the relevant place to chat. If the topic isn't one that has a hread specially for it then there can be a discussion. There's no need for seperate TTC threads for TTC #1, #2, #3, #4 - all are in the same boat, TTC.

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