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Thread: How do you motivate yourself?

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    Question How do you motivate yourself?

    Hi everyone!

    I really need your ideas on getting motivated!! I really need to lose 15kgs (I would be happy with 10kg) but I have no motivation. What do you do to get motivated? How do you keep yourself going?

    I want this year to be my year to lose weight! I don't expect it to just fall away in a week, I know it will take time but I am prepared for that! I don't like going to gyms, so walking and excercise dvds are for me

    TIA for your help

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    Hmmm, I do classes at the gym so for me it's easy as it's so much fun and a great chance to socialise! I guess for you maybe walking and doing DVD's with a friend? It makes it so much more fun and there's someone else there to tell you to get your bum out of bed when you wawnt to cancel!

    Is there a reason you don't like gyms? I just the love the atmosphere and the buzz and I find that really motivates me.

    Another thing I have found is if you go through your week and book your excersise time in like a regular appointment, it makes you less likely to cancel on yourself. HTH!

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    I have been to a gym before (went for about 2 months but hated it, I like to feel comfortable and I didn't at all). I like to be in my comfort zone... it's nice and comfy in here

    Most of my friends live a good hour away and the 2 that are close have small bubbas and aren't up for excercise yet!

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    i find its about willpower and setting mini goals like instead of looking at it like i want to lose 15kgs but work towards mini goals of 5kgs first then when you make that one give yourself a treat and then onto the next mini goal!! thats what i find helps... i passed my first mini goal(i have it in my sig) and brought myself a nice top.. now the next goal of 5kgs not too long left!

    hope that helps!!

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    I have needed to lose weight all my life and have never been driven until doing exactly what Maddysmummy has just explained...making mini-goals. This is the process that they use at weight-watchers as well.

    I have to admit I also work-out with a personal trainer at the moment but that really just helps your fitness and toning but the big weight loss comes from eating properly I've found. My mini-goal last year was to lose 8kgs by xmas time (am very over-weight & had a total of 30kg to shed) and I managed to lose 12kg instead. At the moment my mini-goal is to lose 5kg within a month and I'm already 1kg down. Smaller goals are easier to manage and process through your mind than larger ones which can seem daunting and unachievable.

    I also find the more exercise I do, the more motivated I am to eat properly because of the hard work it took to do the exercise in the first place. Exercise can be anything, as long as you're moving your body and doing more activity than you'd normally do....walking, swimming, riding bike, walking to shops, stretching exercises indoors etc. Have you got any stairs in a park around your surrounding area? The biggest motivator to not over-eat after doing a work out for me has been 139 steps I was made to walk up and now run up. When I first did them I walked and had to stop several times all the way up but I can now run up them four times!!! So after finding that hard to do and being proud of myself for completing even the times I walked up them, I didn't want to un-do all the work I'd done by coming home and eating it away. Over time this has motivated me more and more to eat properly and lose weight.

    Anyway, hope that helps. Hope you find the motivation you are looking for soon. Sorry for the long-winded response.

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