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    Feb 2008
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    How many calories

    Its time to start getting serious about this weight loss business after one to many comments about how I still have a bit there. Grrr annoys me. At this stage I want to drop 7kg (im currently 77 kg and 175 cm tall) and was wondering if anyne knows what calories i should be burning when I work out and how many days a week I should work out. We have a pretty good treadmill so im doing interval training on that which i kinda like.

    Any ideas how to work this out?

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    Jul 2008

    when i was trying to lose weight a website called calorie king was my friend! it's free to join, just google Calorie King and it helps calculate daily calorie allowances, taking into account how active you are & also your height & weight etc.

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    Nov 2008

    I would strongly recommend calorieking - its a fantastic site for weight loss. There is a wealth of information in the forums and lots of articles etc, the food diary and exercise diary are also great for monitoring how many calories are going in and how many you burn when you exercise.

    Before I fell pregnant I lost about 7 kgs, and got to my goal weight.. and I still check the forums regularly and plan to get back on the site once bub is here to help loose the baby weight I have gained.

    Hey just saw your post Sarah.. great minds think a like : )
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    It depends how much you eat. Basically, most people will lose weight if they use more energy than they consume. Obviously your body needs a certain amount in order to function. CK website is good I have used it also, make sure you are in the australian version.

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    Oct 2006

    Like previous posters have said, Calorie King is a fantastic site.

    Also, check out a book called "The Body Sculpting Bible for Women". No, it's not going to make you bodybuilding-muscly!!! But it's an excellent book which outlines which exercises (cardio and weights) you should do and gives you sample meal plans with the amount of calories. I've pulled it out of my bookshelf again as I need to lose 8kg myself.