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Thread: Weight loss and changed AF??? Anyone experienced?

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    Default Weight loss and changed AF??? Anyone experienced?

    After being overweight for most of my adult life and having my weight mostly stick around the 90-98kg mark for the last near 4 years, I've finally got myself fit after lots of hard work over the past 6 months. I've lost 20kg and still have another 8-10kg to go to reach the 'healthy BMI'. My AF has gradually got shorter by a day or two and is a little lighter but other than that hadn't experienced too many drastic changes with it........until this month. I'm into day 4 of my 'usual' cycle and I'm still only spotting. I've done 5 HPT tests, all negative. I'm not 100% sure I ovulated this month either. Would it be this alone that would explain an ultra light period or could the weight loss be interfering with my cycle to the point I may lose it? Anyone lost their AF or had it drastically change with large weight loss or increased fitness?

    I do some form of exercise 6 days a week which has slowly increased from 4 days a week about 2 months ago so don't know if this could be contributing. It's all fairly intensive exercise. My diet hasn't changed much and my weight loss has been very gradual over the 6 months.

    I'm just a bit worried because we're TTC as well.

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    First of all, WELL DONE! Amazing weight must worked really hard, good on you!

    I am in a similar weight loss situation, and with a remarkably similar exercise routine to you.

    I haven't noticed any change in my cycle at all.

    But, that said, all women are different, as you know! 20kg over six months is pretty may well be that your hormones are taking a while to re-group?

    Were your cycles really regular before losing weight?

    If I was you, I would check in with a gp JIC.

    Sorry, I am not much help, but let us know how you go?

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    Bit o' science time....

    In order to get AF you need bodyfat. This is because your ovaries and pituatry gland make estrogen but it's metabolised quite quickly unless it has been absorbed by fat cells. Thus if you don't have enough fat (a BMI under 20) you don't have periods.

    Fat cells also MAKE a small amount of estrogen, which is why obese men can develop gynacomastia (grow breasts) and why PCOS both causes and is made worse by obesity.

    So, to your own situation, for many years your body has become used to a larger amount of estrogen because it has been stored in your fat cells. As you lose weight your hormone levels will adjust. For many women this is a time when absent AF returns or heavy AF becomes lighter. For some there is spotting or cycles getting longer/shorter. Your body will get used to your new weight and normalise over time.

    Keep an eye on it, and if at any point YOU feel there is something wrong then go see your GP who can make sure you aren't PG and do some bloods to check all your levels are ok. If you didn't ovulate this month there's a chance you have very little lining (it builds in anticipation of ovulation) and have little to shed in a period.

    Really don't worry about the TTC - studies have shown again and again that the most positive things a woman can do to fall PG is be a healthy weight and not smoke or drink to excess.

    Best of luck


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