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thread: Laundry Solutions

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    Mar 2008

    Love this thread!!!
    I use Napisan (or similar) in every wash. I will absolutely try the vinegar and bicarb tip! (I was almost running to the laundry as soon as I read, but I think I will wait until I finish typing this post!lol).
    I sort things out in baskets or drawers (we just moved house and in the old one I had an Ikea set of aluminium drawers that now I don't need, so I put it in the laundry and I have one for whites, one for pinks/red, one for darks, etc).
    I wash a lot! more now that we have internal laundry and new front loader washing machine! I love it! In Europe we have only front loader so I was in shock when I found the top ones here... lol... in my first unit we had a common laundry where I could wash only with cold water. I was so shocked I had to call my mother in Europe and tell her this "weird" think. LOL
    Anyway, I don't have a dryer at all, because I love to dry my clothes in fresh air (and I am stingy ) but we bought a camping type (umbrella) line and I love it. I use it under the veranda if raining or for delicates (wool, silk etc) and if very cold I use it inside. It was a bargain, around $20 and sooooo useful (especially with newborn and kids!!!).
    When I collet the clothes from the line I divide them into basket accordingly to the rooms where they are stored. Then I take the basket to the right room, fold and put away. I keep out only the washing that needs to be ironed (e.g. business shirts/pants/skirts etc).
    As a principle I DO NOT iron kids clothes (nor newborn, or bedlinen, towels... I fold them neatly and put them away as they are)... life is to short to have a close relationship with the iron (my DH does most of it! How I love him!!!).
    Sorry it's so long... I get carried away about this things. lol
    thanks for all the tips!

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    Sep 2007

    I use a pillow case instead of a lengerie bag. Only coz I don't have one, lol.

    The only things I seperate are DH's work stuff, mine & kids stuff, sheets, towels etc & nappies.
    I don't worry about colours unless I think something new will run. I might do a white load on occasion, but if I seperated any more than that I'd never fill my 7.5kg washing machine. The only thing I put in a small wash is nappies & whites when I do them.

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    Nov 2006
    Atop the lookout...

    I think my machine is about ten years old, a top loader, and the lid is always closed.

    I meant to put vinegar in the last two loads I did, but I forgot. It would help if I put the vinegar in the laundry I suppose . About two tablespoons, right? I'm glad I went back to read that, as I would have used waaay too much!

    I watched Lush House on Lifestyle yesterday, and saw Shannon's list of about ten things you need to clean with. I'll have to watch it again and write them down! I'm not too bad with using cleaners, but I can be better! Vinegar and bicarb are on there.

    Bath, I'm with you on the folding and putting away! I have about three loads worth to do!

    I also do ALL my washing in cold water, including the Man's uber greasy workshop clothes. My Mum says she would love to have two washing machines, side by side. She has a method of washing that is all her own I reckon. My late, Great Aunt (a brilliant woman) said the way to wash is "to take the clothes out of the water, not the water out of the clothes". This means that there is no lint left on the clothes, etc.

    Titti, that's an interesting thought, using drawers as laundry bins. Very tidy. Lol about the cold water only washing 'weird thing'.

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    Jan 2009

    Other than vinegar - if that's not working, try doing the same empty machine with hot water and CLR - could be a build up of scale from the water.

    I live alone so wash twice a week -- just sort when I am doing it, two lots, lights, darks. Usually put my towels in the lights - (hint buy light towels) as you don't get a fluff issue that way. The other pile just gets sorted onto the laundry floor - my dog often has a nap on it. I suds save if I am running low on tank water - as I am mainly tank water except the cold water tap to the laundry all rest of house is tank.
    I wash in the evening and hang out before going to work in morning. I usually leave the lid of the machine up all day to dry out and have never had a smell issue - never leave wet laundry in machine - peewwwe!

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    Apr 2008
    The Purple House, Sydney

    I'm so going to try the bi-carb trick. I don't use softener- it does clog up your machine. And the fabric softener sheet sfo rthe dryer are awful- your filter catches 75% less lint when you use them, it all goes straight through to the motor.

    a 'la FlyLady, I do a load every day, two loads on Monday and Tuesday after I've house blessed (I know, it'a bit pathetic!) to wash all the sheets and towels. Our clothes and ds's are washed seperatley (we use the Ark washing powder in miniscule amounts for ds's clothes so as not to aggrevate his excema). i have two buckets going in the laundry sink- one for soaking our clothes, one for bibs and facewashers (which I use to wash seperately as well, but there is not enough of them to bother anymore!). I've found the HomeBrand Napisan from Woolies is excellent value.

    I put a load on at night, hang it out the next day while ds is having his morning sleep (they don't go smelly in the machine, but I'm not sure why, but if I take them out of the machine and leave them sitting there, they smell), bring it in during his arvo sleep, and fold it just before I give him a bath, while I'm upstairs anyway. Once a month (during laundry and bathroom week) I give the washing a run with warm water and 2 cups of vinegar, and wipe out the inside (it's a top loader and gungy bits accumulate). I also scrub and shine the sink, have a quick look and toss of the cupboard and run a swiffer under the machine. Oh, and give the dryer link filter a proper clean.

    Phew! Yep, I'm a slave to the FlyLady. But I never have a backlog of washing, i always know where every article of clothing is and the laundry always looks and smells fresh and clean (a neccessity as it doubles as our downstairs bathroom). Works for me

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    Nov 2006
    Atop the lookout...

    I'm only just doing all my folding of three baskets worth (which has multiplied) from my last post here. Eek. Well, Maybe not at this exact moment, as I'm feeding the little man.

    I have been adding vinegar to my washes, but not sure I've noticed any change in the washing.

    Capital ! I was going to ask you wonder washers out there something.... But I forgot! In the mean time, my laundry (the room, not the clothes) smells like vinegar! Does anyone else's? (That was my question! Sorry, I'm feeling a bit unwell atm and tired).

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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    OMG Vinegar and Bicarb - huh I would NEVER had thought of that I am so going to try that to get a bit more softness.

    We have the one clothes basket kept in the outside bathroom (we have an outside wash house) and I wait until its overflowing before I will do a wash. I really enjoy having a "washing day" I just love the smell of clean clothes as you hang them out. We have a verandar that goes right around our house so the back has two lines, one right on the edge for those sunny days and one closer to the house so we canhang washing out when its wett and not worry about it getting rained on.

    I do separate my loads into darks, lights and fluffies (fluffies being towels fluffy socks, polar fleece and flannels) I only ever hand wash my woolens and my few but precious pretty underwear.

    I use the Eco store front loader powder (on trial before I wash my MCNs) and I am very happy with the results and quite surprised by the freshness of smell.

    I also leave my front loader door open and because the laundry and external bathroom are in the same building we leave the windows adjar slightly so fresh air always circulates. Our towel cupboard is also out here and for some reason they never smell musty - just just have to watch a huntsman hasn't snuggled in the towels

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    Jun 2003

    Nope my landry doesn't smell like vinegar... Did you spill some?

    I've got another miracle for the laundry. Dh's work shirts get the worst deoderant stains to the point that they are all hard under the arms. We were binning them when they got bad, but the other day I thought I would try another vinegar trick... And after two goes it fixed it, they are like new! I poured Vinegar on the stains, left for 30 mind then rinse in cold, then rubbed with sard wonder stick and then Let sit for 30 mind and wash as usual. The second time I rubbed the fabric together a bit befre letting it sit for 30 mins. I think about all the products I've wasted money on only to throw shirts out!!! I know it's the deoderant he uses but he won't use anything else

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    Feb 2007

    Phew! Yep, I'm a slave to the FlyLady. But I never have a backlog of washing, i always know where every article of clothing is and the laundry always looks and smells fresh and clean (a neccessity as it doubles as our downstairs bathroom). Works for me
    Hijacking this thread! LoriRae, I'd love to hear about your FlyLady routine, I'm just about to start. Would you mind posting in the FlyLady chat thread?

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    Jan 2007
    where cosmopolitans and margaritas flow all night

    I have just been to the shops and bought some pure soap, more bicarb and some washing soda and plan to make my own washing powder with that. I found a recipe for it. My only question is how much do I use in a front loader? Should I just use trial and error until I find the right amount for me?

    PS: I did buy 2 boxes of normal washing powder too coz it's on special and also in case I'm not happy with my home made one.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I use 1/4 cup bicarb and 2 tbsp vinegar as Cai suggested, but sometimes if the clothes aren't too bad, I don't even add the washing powder (we use Aware sensitive)

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    Apr 2009
    in the garden

    Wow good thread!

    I've been using vinegar for a bit over a year now after I read about all the chemicals... I add a few drops of essential oil to it -I find the vinegar & oils keep the clothes smelling fresh better than fabric softner did.
    I keep mine in a well-rinsed dishwashing liquid bottle, I just squirt as much as I want into each wash.

    I do have a pretty good recipe for home-made washing powder, I used it for a while although I did think after a bit the clothes were not quite as white. When I'm too lazy to make my own I just use Cold Power. I'm using something different for bubs stuff atm but I can't remember what...just one from the supermarket..any suggestions there welcome...

    Danni - I use roughly double the amount I would with a bought one, not sure if that's right or not but it still works out heaps cheaper and there's not the chemicals etc.

    I must confess...I don't sort my washing .... we have only had one disaster resulting in pink socks... I know clothing doesn't stay as white but we can't seem to keep on top of it as it is :s

    What is Flylady?

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    Nov 2006
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    great thread!

    i am still yet to try soap nuts - has anyone used them in conjunction with bi carb?

    I too use vinegar and add a few drops of lavendar/tea tree/ eucalyptus oil to it - makes the clothes smell soooo lovely

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    Jul 2007
    Dapto, Illawarra...NSW

    I am going to start using the bicarb/vinegar in my machine. I just have a few questions first. I have a LG front loader.

    You ladies have said to put the bicarb in the barrel....do you put that in before or after you put the clothes in? Why do you put it into the barrel instead of the washing powder dispenser?
    Is bicarb safe for use on MCN?

    I use powder at the moment...is it better for the machine to use liquid?

    ETA: Also, is it ok to just use the cheap "no brand" vinegar and bicarb?


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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Jasp - just sort the clothes into whites / coloured / darks as you put them in the dirty clothes baskets, its the easiest way to keep on top of the washing and to keep the colours nice.

    Marlene - I use bicarb on my MCN all the time now. Don't use vinegar cause it will damage the PUL / elastic.

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    Jun 2003

    Cheap brand is fine

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Just another question. If vinegar can't be used with MCN due to the elastic, then how is it with normal clothes and the elastic in them?

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    Jun 2003

    The amount of vinegar needed to deteriorate is like half a cup or so. I know plenty of people who have used it for years and have no problems.

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