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thread: What Domestic duties have you achieved today? #3

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    Well, I have:

    *Washed the dishes
    *Done 2 loads of washing, folded 2 loads and packed away
    *Prepared lasagne for dinner
    *Dusted all furniture

    Would still like to:

    *Clean bathrooms
    *Clean out fridge

    But I probably won't manage to do it....

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    Enchanted Guest

    I am home alone for a few hours

    So I am trying to get all the housework done before DH & Oscar get home!!

    I have:

    Tided my room and made the bed
    Tidied Oscar's room and made his cot
    Cleaned the toilet
    Loaded the dishwasher and turned it on
    Washed Oscar's bottles
    Vacuumed the house
    Tidied and made the spareroom bed
    Done 2 loads of washing... now I have no washing left (besides to fold when dry )
    Cleaned bathroom
    Cleaned up laundry
    Tidied lounge
    Tidied kitchen

    I think I did a great job today I'm not this good all the time!

    I think that's all!!
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    Jul 2008

    Seeing its Melb Cup day - Good LUCK!!
    I did..
    A quick swish sipe and ...


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2007
    On the beautiful Gold Coast!

    hmmmm well since Tobias decided to be a velcro baby today I'm glad to say I was able to get SOMETHING done....

    I did the dishes including all his bottles & sterilised them all. + I of course made up some more bottles...

    I hope tomorrow is more productive

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    Enchanted Guest

    Up until about an hour ago I had done nudda ALL DAY!!!

    Since I decided to get my butt into gear I have..

    Loaded the dishwasher and turned it on
    Washed Oscar's bottles
    Vacuumed half the house
    Done 2 loads of washing
    Cleaned the toilet
    Tidied my room and changed the sheets
    Tidied Oscar's room and changed his sheets
    Taken the rubbish out

    I still need to..
    Cleaned bathroom
    Tidy lounge
    Tidy kitchen

    Fingers crossed I get it all done!
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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Ive been full of beans for a change..ive also decided to coem in here once a day so I can get motivation to shift buttox and do do do!!!

    I had to defrost my over iced freezer because my chriso came..then put everything in it.

    clean pantry for same reason as above

    Vaccy floor's
    change a wet bed
    Done 3 loads of washing
    folded nappies
    done 2 dishwaser loads of dishes
    made 5 beds..ops make that 4 (forgot mine)
    made a roast for tea
    cleaned the boys room which now looks liek a bomb has hit it again OH:
    cleaned 2 bathrooms and toilets
    smacked DH around the head

    now to do tea dishes - snap some covers, fold washing, scratch my butt and oh put 4 kids to bed

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    Wow, Maz, make my effort seem pityful!

    So far I have vacuumed
    made breaky and some sandwiches for lunch (we're going out)
    washed dishes
    2 loads of washing

    Still need to:
    make beds
    make DH a special bday dinner
    find food for above special bday dinner and possibly a cake
    clean up the mess I make with above special bday dinner and cake...

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    Enchanted Guest

    Ok, I need to motivate myself so here I am

    So far I have...
    *Made my bed and tidied my room
    *Cleaned the toilet
    *Cleaned bathroom
    *Done 2 loads... others will have to wait until tomorrow when I have more hanging space on my tiny clothes line!

    I still need to...
    *Clean up kitchen & clear benches
    *Tidy lounge
    *Clean up my desk and organise paperwork
    *Tidy spareroom for my gf who is coming for the weekend

    Ugh... it shouldn't take too long as it's only a few things I need to do in each room. I just don't have to motivation today!!Now I should get a move on and do it all so I will be free for the evening!
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    Enchanted Guest

    Argh... I didn't get my jobs finished the other day and it's doing my head in!!

    So today is a new day and I WILL get all the following DONE!!

    So far today I have :
    *Put on 3 loads of washing
    *Made my bed
    *Cleaned toilet
    *Cleaned bathroom
    *Changed sheets on sparebed
    *Tidied lounge
    *Folded and put away 1 load of washing (waiting for the rest to dry )
    *Cleaned up kitchen and cleared benches
    *Cleaned up dog poo

    Now I just need to :
    *Organise paperwork and tidy my desk

    Tomorrow I will :

    *Change my sheets
    *Tidy up backyard
    *Do 1 load of washing
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    Enchanted Guest

    Today I have-

    *Packed away dishes and unloaded dishwasher
    *Decluttered bench
    *Tidied lounge
    *Cleaned toilet
    *Tidied bathroom

    Today I need to-

    *Declutter desk
    *Tidy my bedroom

    Tomorrow I will-

    *Wash my sheets
    *Do 2 loads of washing
    *Fold 1 load of washing
    *Vaccuum house
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    Enchanted Guest

    I think I'm the only unorganised one who needs a To Do list

    Today I have:

    *Washed 2 loads of clothes and hung them out
    *Brought 1 load in
    *Made my bed

    Today I need to:

    *Do 1 more load of washing
    *Clean up the kitchen
    *Tidy loungeroom
    *Tidy bathroom
    *Declutter kitchen table

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    Enchanted Guest

    Man, I'm really on my own aren't I??!?!?!

    Today I have:

    * Washed and hung out 3 loads of washing
    *Done the dishes
    *Cleaned the toilet
    *Made my bed
    *Tidied Oscar's room
    *Tidied the bathroom
    *Tidied the laundry
    *Tidied loungeroom
    *Tidied kitchen

    Today I need to:

    *Tidy dining room table
    *Take rubbish out
    *Make some phone calls
    *Pay bills and do wages
    *Do Novembers paperwork
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    Jan 2007

    Ok I need my list on here today so I can keep track!!

    Tidy up lounge/dining area
    Tidy up kitchen and do dishes etc
    Tidy all bedrooms, make beds
    Bring in washing and put away
    Do washing

    Will add as I go!

    ETA - Just looked at the last few posts - on your own with the cleaning Oshani????? Don't worry I will join you today - we can keep each other on track!

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    Jan 2007

    Ok I need another list for my pre-CHristmas blitz! I'm Izzy free today!
    TO DO
    * Vacuum
    * Mop
    *Hang out washing
    *Fold washing DONE
    *Put ALL toys away
    *Tidy lounge
    *Clean toilets and bathroom (read SCRUB)
    *Grocery shopping
    *Last min gift shopping
    *If I have time - do some data entry for the business
    * Make a few calls for business
    *Wrap presents

    Beds made
    Kitchen tidied
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    Enchanted Guest

    I too need to do a pre-Christmas blitz as well (Before Mum gets here and takes over!!)

    Today I need to:

    *Pack away crap in the lounge
    *Tidy desk area & dining table
    *Make a few phone calls
    *Food shopping

    Today so far I have:

    *Got dressed & eaten breakfast
    *Tidied & cleaned laundry
    *Tidied kitchen
    *Tidied spareroom and made the bed
    *Folded washing
    *Hung out washing
    *Cleaned & tidied bathroom
    *Made my bed and tidied room
    *Got a few last minute Xmas items
    *Cleaned out car
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    Jan 2007

    hun!!! Good going!

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    Enchanted Guest

    So.... ahhhhh... Tan!!

    It looks like you didn't get much done today

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    i have done way to much!!!!!!

    food shopping in the morning
    made the beds
    10 loads of washing - dried and folded and put away
    cleaned up lounge and kitcen (de cluttered)
    feed 4 amigo's oh make that 5 (included Jed)
    done 4 loads of dishes
    de cobwebbed the house
    sorted through material
    and ive still gotta write chrissy cards and wrap the kids pressies TONIGHT

    what the hell is WRONG with me

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