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Thread: could this be endo?

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    Default could this be endo?


    I have PCOS. When I was diagnosed earlier this year, I told the obstetrician who did my ultrasound that I got pain in my right ovary, but not in my left. He told me that my pain was not explained by PCOS.

    Since then I have been to a number of fertility specialists. I am on Metformin (6 months) and Clomid (first round), but have not conceived. I have never been tested for Endo.

    I have had the pain since 2003. It comes on and off - there is no pattern to when it comes. Sometimes it is a dull ache, a few times it has been sharp, stabbing pain. It is not overly severe pain, although sometimes the pain goes down my thigh to my knee, or sometimes to my foot, but this is rare.

    Does this sound like Endo? Could it just be PCOS?

    I am pretty sure my repro specialist knows I have pain in my right ovary, but he has never talked about doing a laparoscopy on me.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Shell, do you have any other endo symptoms such as spotting before periods, painful periods, pain with bowel movements etc.? I haven't had PCOS so I don't know what sort of symptoms that condition gives you.

    Endo can only be diagnosed at laparoscopy - if you are worried, perhaps suggest it to your fertility specialist. At least if they find it while they are in there, they can treat it.

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    Thanks for your reply Mel.

    I used to have those endo symptoms you mentioned, but they disappeared with Metformin - so I assumed they were PCOS symptoms only.

    The only thing that I have which makes me think I may have Endo in the right ovary, is the pain - which the obstetrician said is not explained by PCOS. Plus I also know that some women don't have any symptoms of Endo, but they can't get pregnant and it is because of Endo.

    I think I am going to ask for a laparoscopy before our next clomid cycle, since I am concerned that something is not right with my right ovary.

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    Hi shell... I have been blessed (NOT) with both endo and PCOS. My PCOS is very mild but endo very severe. My endo went undiagnosed for sometime and wasn't diagnosed until after 6 rounds of clomid and 1 failed IVF cycle. Basically neither were going to get me pregnant with all the endo in there. Basically my F/S recommended that i could have a lap/hyst, but he didn't think that i needed one as he was sure i didn't have endo... it wasn't until IVF egg pick up that it proove very difficult to remove the eggs that he was certain my ovaries were caught up in endo... a future lap confirmed it and 2 major ops later to rid it.

    The other thing about clomid is that it can cause, any endo to 'flare' up. It did for me and made my periods unbearable to the point where i was certain i was having m/c. Some days i would have to stand in the shower and just let the blood run out it was so heavy (sorry if TMI) It almost resembled a 'crime'scene!

    Basically I would ask for a lap/hyst as it will improove your chances of conception if the endo is gone, also it will put your mind at ease also, knowing that they have had a good look in there. I have certainly learnt from my mistake.

    Good luck'

    Leis x

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    Thanks for sharing your experience Leis.

    I made an appointment with my F/S - not until mid-November. We'll see how it goes.

    Is that what happens with Endo on the ovaries? The eggs have a hard time releasing? Twice when I have ovulated before, I have had pain on the right side - the other time I ovulated (only O'ed three times), there was no pain at all - maybe that was an egg from the left side being released...?? Who knows!

    What are you doing now in terms of treatment? Hope it all goes well for you.


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    HI Shell... My Left ovary was adhered to my bowel.. they had to cut 20cm of my bowel out to get rid of the endo. I am not currently undergoing any treatment and we are not currently TTC as you can imagine my body and mind has been through shear hell in the last 2 years, and I need time out mentally and physically from it all... I am unsure if would do IVF again, as I don't cope well with failure...but in saying that my chance of natural conception and IVF pregnancy are now greately increased as the endo has gone.... best of luck

    leis xx
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    Hi Shell, I would definately recommend booking in for a lap! It is the only way to diagnose endo and as Melbo said, when they have a look, if there is anything there - they can treat it straight away! I have endo (7 years) and have been TTC for 6 months. I am seeing my specialist a week on Friday to discuss having another lap (3rd one). Its so hard emotionally each month that with my history I would rather know that everything to do with my healthwise is 'working' and then I guess we can take it from there. My hubby is also going for a 'test' aswell - just covering all bases I suppose. Good luck with your appt!!

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    Just a question - I have an appointment on Nov 14 (or 15 or around then, can't remember exactly) to ask my FS for a lap. How long does it take generally to get in for the procedure? Hope it's not more than a month! We're going away over Xmas.

    All the best w/ your lap and your DH's S/A.

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