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    I havent been in here for awhile, thats bçoz i was too scared. The thought of all this is still too much to handle, i was diagnosed in June 05 and hav had a round of clomaphene and primolot to help me ovulate so i could do a round of A.I, that fell through though, I had been feeling unwell for quite a few weeks so i went to the doctor and we did a pregnancy test and it came up with a faint positive line so i did another test and it came up the same, so my doc sent off for a blood test to see what the results were, she told me to prepare myself and my partner for parenthood so naurally i started to get excited then came the phone call with the results and the doc informed me that there was no way i could be pregnant, when those words came out of her mouth it was like a massive kick to the stomach, i cried for hours, I kept asking myself why god would be so cruel to give me two test that came up positive then a negative blood test. To have the one thing in this world that is so important to me to have it put right in front of me then take it away is just the cruelest thing.

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    Jess, I am so sorry to hear that you have had what was such wonderful news taken away from you. This is no consolation I'm sure, but the slight positive you could take from this is that you can fall preg with clomiphene. I really hope that you can cope with trying again and fingers crossed that be the cycle that works.

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    Huge hugs to you Jess. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having such a rough time of things lately.

    That's very odd that you'd get 2 positive HPTs and yet the doctor told you there was no way you could be PG. What sort of blood test did she do? Did she tell you what your HCG level was (a quantitative test) or did she only do a qualitative blood test (that only comes up as positive or negative)? Was it just a GP that you saw or a specialist? Have you had AF since then? If so was it any different than usual?

    Sorry for all the questions - you don't have to answer them if you don't want! I'm just trying to get an idea of what might have happened.

    Thinking of you

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    Thank you for your message it meant a lot.

    The 2 pregnancy test I did were from my doctor, Im not sure what sort of test she did? What are HCG levels? The doctor I saw was my local GP in Hobart, I havent been able to have A.F since but am hoping too soon. Thank you for being so kind. I seen from your message that you are from the NW Of Tas, I am moving up there soon do you recommend any good specialists? I would like to keep in contact if thats ok?

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    Hey Jess,

    Have you done another pregnancy test yourself (one you get from the shops)? HCG is the pregnancy hormone. If you're not pregnant your HCG level will be very low but once you are pregnant it will start to rise. It's this hormone that pregnancy tests detect.

    Did you see a specialist or OBGYN for the Clomid or was it something that your GP prescribed?

    I'm not too sure of specialists up here. I've heard Bill Watkins (I think that's his name!) is very good. He is based in Hobart but I think he consults in Burnie & Devonport. If you're after an OBGYN there are 2 that I know of Dr. Foote and Dr. Jensen. It might be worth having a consultation with both to start with to see who you feel more comfortable with. My OBGYN was Dr. Jensen and I thought he was good (helped us have a successful PG after 2 m/c) but he's a bit too quiet & abrupt for some people.

    Definitely keep in contact! You might also like to check out the Members in Tasmania thread.

    All the best!

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