After reading about endo everywhere I haven't come across anything much about my situation.

Im 25 and was diagnosed with pcos at 16 and endo at 22.

Most of my endo pain is during sexual intercourse, during bowel movements, urinating, and general cramping daily.

I had a lap and my endo was removed mostly from around my bowel that was at 22 but the pain didn't really go away. At 25 I had another lap but there was no endo present this time and my Dr said it was the nerve endings from where the endo was removed in the first lap that was causing the pain. A bit like the phantom leg pain an amputee feels apparently! I have been on amytriptalyne of however you spell it in a small dose which was meant to help but sadly it didnt. Secondly I was put on Tegratol which is an anticonvulsant but this didnt work either. I think my next option is Zoladex but im feeling so overwhealmed and negative that nothing is working. I know you all feel it too but I just want my pain to go away!!!!!

Has anyone else got this sort of problem with their endo???
Please let me know I would love to know how you are dealing with it!