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    7 years ago I had a cyst removed from my ovary via lap and the gyn told me I had Endo. At the time I knew very little about it (and he wasn't all that helpful) but have since read up on the facts and other womens experiences.

    My query is, if I have endo, why don't i get any of the symtoms? I don't have pain - I get the occasional period pain, but only at the start of my period and its never very bad (i'm assuming thats normal period pain). I occasionally spot in between periods, but I only notice it once every few months and its only a very tiny bit.

    Has anyone had to have endo removed (for fertility reasons) when they haven't had any symtoms, or is it possible this means that my endo is only very mild ??

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    They say that up to 60% of women have endo and only 40% of that know they have it.

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    hi XXPVXX

    i had severe endo diagnosed and treated last year after failing to fall pregnant naturally over a couple of years. other than infertility, i didn't have any real symptoms, except a little period pain for the first 24 hours and sometimes a little discomfort during IC but mainly due to the angle and my occasional retroverted uterus. nothing has changed since removal of the endo so i guess my symptoms were unrelated to endo.

    i was shocked when i found out as i was sure nothing was wrong. i had several endometriomas (chocolate cysts within the ovaries) eventually removed as they may interfere with egg quality and production. also extension adhesions and scaring with my tubes and ovaries all stuck down making it virtually impossible for egg to find fallopian tube at ovulation.

    kim i am really really interested in what your FS has to say as i am at the end of my 4th IVF cycle and am considering another laparoscopy to remove any endo regrowth over the last year before i do anymore IVF cycles. i don't really want to do it but my FS said it may be worth while. she is not an endo expert though. can you give me any details as to what your FS said and/or any further info?

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    thanks kim, it has opened my eyes to a different perspective indeed. i believe the better we are armed with information the better decisions we can make with our doctors. i knew nothing when i started on the endo path and unfortunately for me got poor treatment (but much better now).

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