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Thread: endometriosis/ endometriomata

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    Bambi Guest

    Default endometriosis/ endometriomata

    Hello all.
    I have been on here before, In case you don't rebemeber i will re-tell....
    I have a nearly 5 year old son whom i feel pregnant with quickly. I have been trying to concieve for over 4 years now and i have found out i have Endometriomata on my ovaries, chocolate cysts they are, and Endometriosis in my womb and also adhesion. I am in pain all the time. Dr's say what started this is having my son, not everything came back out and caused cysts which caused my problems. I have known i have had endometriosis for over a year and a half. and finally i get a date when my surgery is. 14th May, yey. I am having Laparotomy Excsion Bilateral Ovarian Cysts / Endometriomata.

    I would like to know has anyone else been through something like this???
    What will happen after and during surgery???
    Am i still going to be able to drive??? I needed to get my son to school and back again.
    Any information i would be very grateful. Thanks.

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    Sorry to hear you have to go through this.

    The surgery will be under general anaesthestic, so no, you will not be able to drive for 24 hours following it. You would need at least a few days off of work (if you work) - perhaps even a week - because laparotomy is bigger surgery than a laparoscopy - you will have a bigger incision on your belly, and therefore most likely more stitches etc.

    The surgery make take a few hours as well - ask the nurse who booked you in for it how long they think it might take. It sounds like a lot of endo to remove, and therefore it can take a longer time than normal.

    You always need to stay at the hospital for 4 hours following surgery under general anaesthestic as well, so you could be at the hospital for a whole day - perhaps late into the night, if you are booked to go into theatre in the afternoon.

    (I haven't had one of these myself, but I have had a laparoscopy).

    You will need a follow-up appointment a few days after the surgery as well - to get the stitches out.

    Hope this helps - when is the surgery?

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    Oh, it is 14 May - I just re-read your post. All the best for it.

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    Bambi Guest


    Thank-you for the help.
    It is that day yes and i have to be there at 7 am in the morning. My mum will take my son to school, but i have to get friends to pick him up as mum works. And hubby will be with me.
    Not sure about the following days, i need to get up with him.
    I recently saw my sister go through a c-section and i feel for her, i know i'm going to have a cut like that too, she couldn't do anything for days/ weeks. I was there for whole 2 weeks to help her with bubs and lifting, what am i going to be like.

    I am sooo clucking, I hope this works.
    Will i be more fertile within the next three months of it, i heard that somewhere. When should i start bd'ing???

    I am scared i will feel the pain even when i am sleeping, and have nightmares and i can't wake up. i don't know, i often think the worse.

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    You don't feel a thing when you are under - don't worry!!

    When I woke up from my laparoscopy, I was in a lot of pain and the nurses gave me TWO shots of morphine!

    So, yes, it can hurt, but they are pretty good with helping you with pain relief - the anaesthestist will most likely give you a script for some powerful pain relievers. I didn't end up using my script - I found that I was fine on "normal" over the counter pain relief. I only needed it for one - two days as well. But you may find you need more powerful stuff for a laparotomy.

    I asked the surgeon when I could start trying again after the lap, and he said, "straight away." Then he added.... "wait until you get home though"... lol As if I was in any state to BD straight away afterwards IN THE HOSPITAL!! lol I liked his humour - a little bit goes a long way sometimes!

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    Bambi Guest


    hehehe, i would laugh at that one too... heehhehe. No i wouldn't straight away, but i have a maybe baby tester to see when i am ovulating, i will check everyday and the day it changes i will go for it, give me some rest too. hehehe.
    I have been in pain for over a year now and i am on just panadol i get from wooly's. so hopefully, but i feel so nervous and sick from it all. Just thinking about it.
    There going to cut me open.... i don't want that.
    I just saw my son go under and have his teeth done, and it makes me feel sick inside thinking i'm going to have to go through it too...

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    Bambi Guest


    Just to let you know.
    My surgery is exactly 2 weeks away today.
    There was a cancellation and i got to get in earlier.
    ohhhh getting nervous.

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Jelvie... I think i need it.

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    Mandy, I posted in ttc 6+ months, but thought I would come in here too. I hope all went yesterday..


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    Bambi Guest


    Hello lovely ladies,
    Well i'm back and in pain. I had my surgery done on friday, arghhh so scary. And i only got out of hospital on monday. Been slowly getting around, bit more every day and finally able to sit at the computer and be here.
    All went well, Although i didn't eat for two days and was allergic to the morphine and pethadine which made me sooo nausious.
    It was all clear they run a dye through, nothing in my womb, no adhesion, although they scrapped and cleaned anyway. they got the two cysts each side of my ovaries which was making them blocked and not working normally. So there was 4 or 5 cysts in there, can't remember which one. They cysts were chocolate cysts, and were on the verge of bursting. So lucky.
    Now i am home with a caesarian like cut on my bikini line. and unable to do much, lucky for my darling hubby though he has helped so much. My angel.
    Question, those of you who have a caesarian, how can you do all that and get up for a baby, i have trouble getting up and down and so forth, how the heck do you cope? I look up to those who have done it.

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    Glad to hear everything went well Mandy.

    As for your question about those that have had a c/s, you just do, cope that is! You have no other choice but to get on with things, a newborn needs to be looked after. I had Aaron off for two weeks afterwards, but yep it was tough.

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks ladies.
    My sis had a baby in dec with a caesarian. i don't know how she did it. She said she is only after 5 months able to do everything, i'm thinking, great, my back is killing me and i want to get out and play with my boy. waiting is such a hard game to play.
    She said the same also, your pain or your baby, the baby of course, you ignore the pain and go right through it and do what you have to do.
    I admire each and every one of you who have been through it.

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    Hey Mandy, wondering how you are feeling
    Hope all is well


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    Bambi Guest


    Yeah i'm well.
    I am still getting into the nack of things. I cannot lift anything yet after all this time.
    We have tried but not luck yet.
    My checkup was ok. He said it was thoughly cleaned, so thats a relief.

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    Hey Mandy,
    Just checking in to see how you are? Haven't heard from you in awhile, hope all is well


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