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Thread: I've got endo

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    Unhappy I've got endo

    Hi all
    Thanks for all your good wishes.Everything went well on Wednesday and it turns out the cyst on my ovary was endometriosis and that I had more of it elsewhere too and some of my bowel and other bits were stuck together because of it.The Dr took out one ovary and half of the other one and as much endo as he could.He said if it comes back then the worst would be that I"d need a hysterectomy which isn't the end of the world at my age,46.
    I know having endo is bad but because my CA125 was high then we were all thinking ovarian cancer so I'm relieved really that it's only endo and nothing worse.I'm glad that I know what it is too after having pain on and off for 2 years and being told it was probably IBS,live with it (that's more or less what my GP in the UK said)
    The Dr at St John of God hospital was brilliant! He was so caring,I've never had a Dr call me darling before!! He stroked my cheek when I was in theatre about to go under and told me not to worry,I'd be fine.Later that night he made a point of phoning my hubby to let him know what had gone on because he knew he was worried. One of the nurses said they think he's like a big cuddly teddy bear and he is!!!
    Anyway,I'm glad to be home,still sore but I've felt a bit better each day.Had lots of phone calls from family in the UK and lots of help and support from great friends here in Australia.

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    hey denise, i am glad your surgery went well, bugger about the endo but great news that it isn't the worst you feared it would be. thank goodness you got it checked out and now fingers crossed you can have a pain free life! your teddy bear dr sounds lovely. if only there were more of them.

    rest up and take care of yourself. i discovered cross stitching when recovering from my ops. forces you to stay still and rest.


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