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Thread: maybe PCOS.

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    Default maybe PCOS.

    HI ladies,
    My DR has just ordered a whole heap of tests to see if I have PCOS, as I have alot of the symptoms which include:
    extra hair on my tummy
    milk leaking from boobs
    35 day cycles
    mood swings & no CM
    I cant understand any of this & why didn't the surgeon who did the tubal reversal check this out before the op.
    What happens when you have PCOS?
    I have been given a perscription for clomid But I don't understand how this works, could somebody please help me?

    Thank you

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    Pietta Guest


    It's horrible that you havent been given enough info on PCOS.
    I too had the extra belly hair, never had the leaking boobs, My cycles were sometimes up to 4 months.
    Anyway I know there is an article on PCOS on the BellyBelly Members Page but I dont know how to add the link.
    Basically I just wanted to let you know you wont be alone if you have PCOS. My original doc didnt believe in PCOS and he said that it must be everything else. When I changed docs, he put me on metformin to control the Insulin resistance (a common sign of PCOS) and whammo I was pregnant.
    Are you trying to get preg coz as far as I know thats the reason you go on clomid.
    I hope I kind of helped.

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    Default Hi Storm

    I was diagnosed with PCOS a while ago... I have found the internet and amazing source of information...
    Your Dr should have explained more about clomid.
    Once you start to take it you really need to have regular vaginal ultra sounds to make sure that you are no over stimulating...and producing more than 1-2 eggs at a time.

    Clomid stimulates ovulation, it does this by stimulating output of pituitary gonadotropins ( these are the hormones that stimulate the ovarys in females and testicals in males)

    Most common side effects are hot flushes & visual bluring.

    I hope this helps

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