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    Hi! I was diagnosed with PCOS in December 2003. I have a 2 year old son, who I conceived after 12 months of ttc. I din't have af for 10 months and then ovulated and conceived. They thought then I had PCOS, but just after I had made the fertility specialist appt, I found out I was pregnant.

    We are now ttc#2 and have been since November. I went off the pill in April 2003, but used protection until November. I haven't had af since August and am now on cd152. I saw a fertility dr last month and have another appt next week, where he will induce af and then start fertility meds. I am very anxious to get pg with #2 and hate having all of this wait and upset. I am finding it hard to cope with the fact that I am not ovulating by myself and not allowing me the chance to ttc. I feel like I am failing myself and my dh somehow. Does anyone else feel this way? :|

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    Hi nlmcvey, I am ttc too and i also hate the wait and the upsets, I find it hard to cope with the fact that I have so far been unable to fall pregnant. I often get very depressed and also think that I am a failure and that somehow, all of this is happening because I am not a good person. On the good days, I remember that I have a lot of people supporting me. On these days I am sure it will happen soon, if i am just patient.
    I want to wish you luck, and not to get disheartened or give up.

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    Nicole sorry to hear your struggle. I could imagine what you must be feeling. I had the same feeling of failure when I had my M/C. I thought it was all my fault. I even got to the point where I feared losing DB. Of course that was all silly as DB loves me and would never do that. But its funny how you think at these hard times.

    I hope that it wont be much longer and your #2 bubbie!

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    Dont give up nicole!, i tried for three years with pcos, i tried clomid many times, and it never worked, i tried eating healthier and nothing seemed to work, but what i actually did, and it sounds stupid is we prayed to St. Rita, and i wore a prayer locket, and you put your wish inside, and now i am 21 weeks, with a baby girl on the way... dont give up hope!..

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    Hi there girls welcome to the PCOS forum! Congrats on your pregnancy Isabellasmom.

    I know what you mean nlmcvey, I too feel the same as you often. I am trying really hard to loose weight atm, as I have heard so many women who have successfully concieved after doing so. Fingers crossed it will happen for us too. We also have a Dr's appt this friday so I will let you know how that goes too.

    Goodluck, if you ever get down and want to whinge feel free I know what its like.


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    Hello ladies, it seems that no one has come to chat here in a while. So I thought I start off the month of March with a little hello, Good Health and Luck to all, and a "sorry so late" reply to Nicole's thread.

    Sweetheart I know exactly what your going through. My husband and I celebrated our 6th ann. in Feb. and I kept praying that I could get pregnant on my own without any medication or charting and thought that would be a great ann. gift to him. But unfortunately it wasn't and I m/c the week before our anniversary on the 13th. I just wanted to tell you that you have been blessed and still are blessed so don't feel like all is lost, that's why we are here for one another. Congradulations to Isabellasmom on the new arrival :happy4u: . I [-o< that will be all of us "SOON" Sprinlke some inkdust: :bluestick: inkstick: our way sweetie.

    Love to all,

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